Is she cheating on you? I'm reading from WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY? © 1993 , a book published by Bridge Communications, the publication arm of the Church of Scientology. On page 166 there is a picture of a Scientology® minister in a palatial office, sitting at an ornate desk, talking to a female parishioner who is hooked up to an E-Meter®--a Scientology® lie detector. Looking on anxiously to the side is the woman's husband. The caption reads, "Scientology marriage counseling helps create an atmosophere of honesty and open communication between marital partners." The message is clear, at least to this writer. Use Scientology® to tell if she's been true to you. But Scientology® processing can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Finally there's a cheaper way. Yes dear friends, "is your wife cheating on you?" Have you heard about CheckMate®.