Faith-based child abuse

We just can't figure George Bush out. The country's doctors gave his campaign chest some money so he is now pushing for a $250,000 cap on suits against medical doctors because some medical suits are frivilous. Try telling that to the woman who had both breasts removed because doctors looked at the wrong Xrays (her breasts had been fine), or to the parents of the kid at Duke who died after her body rejected a donor kidney--no one had bothered to check to see whether it was a match! Those acts were just negligent; not malicious. But the Virginia doctor who intentionally injected her patients with their own feces--now that was evil. How do you place an arbitray ceiling on "all" suits because there have been "some" frivilous ones. Only George W. Bush could come up with some absurd logic like that.

And how about his "faith-based initiative." Back when he was governor of Texas some operators of a church home for wayward kids complainted to him because state health officials would not give them a license because of their history of child abuse. Governor Bush reasoned then that "if you are a man of God, you don't need state scrutiny." Today, his "faith-based initiative" is national policy. The founding fathers are turning over in their graves because of what the industrial party of the rich and their puppets are doing to our Constitution. They are allowing for suspicionless body searches because they are paid to do the searches; disregarding separation of church and state by having the state fund "faith-based" social programs; federally funding charitable foundations operated by white millionaries through the civil-rights inspired Small Business Administration; having the US state department investigate abuse charges at American-owned, overseas juvenile rehabilitation programs when one of its own has been accussed of operating a program with similar charges of abuse. Read now about Bethel Boys Academy in Lucedale, Mississippi. story