Enclosure 2:
Ethical issues Concerning Judge Logan and Straight
by Wesley Fager (c) 2003



Beyond points of law there are some moral issues here. One issue involves campaign finances to Judge Walt Logan. Not only is Ray Bradbury working to expose the criminal acts of Straight and the involvement of Melvin Sembler in Straight, but he is working to expose the collusion between the Republican Party and Florida state officials, and the Straight program as documented here and here. For example he wants to show that when attorney Walt Logan ran successfully for his judgeship he publicly remarked that he would not take campaign contributions from fellow lawyers. Why? Because he does not want even the appearance of impropriety should one of those attorneys appear before his court. And yet, besides the substantial campaign contributions he made to his own campaign fund, Judge Logan's top contribution was the $500 limit from Walter Loebenberg, former president of Straight Foundation and founder of the Florida Holocaust Museum. Ted Wittner and US Enterprises gave matching contributions to tie for Logan's third highest contributors (again excluding contributions to himself). But US Enterprises is owned by Walter Loebenberg and Walter Loebenberg is on the board of directors of Colony Savings Bank (a savings and loan association) which is owned by Ted Wittner!

By now many who know of Straight realize that former Pinellas County State Attorney James T. Russell and County Sheriff Don Genung are responsible for inviting the Straight concept into Pinellas County. Perhaps less known is that Russell and Genung worked with one Shirley Coletti to set up another rehabilitation program in Pinellas County, Operation PAR. While Sembler and Straight targeted high income whites [see http://thestraights.net/reports/violatingrights.htm ], Operation PAR got blacks. After Straight closed Betty Sembler got herself appointed to the Board of Directors of Operation PAR which today is the biggest drug rehabilitation program in the county and has even expanded into neighboring counties. Besides Betty Sembler the following others who have been associated with Straight have also been associated with Operation PAR:

Infiltration of Operation PAR by Straight
(from The infiltration of Operation PAR by Straight)
At Straight (or DFAF)
At Operation PAR
Betty Sembler founder on board of directors
Susan Latvala* on advisory board on board of directors
Terry Hensley* executive director DFAF director
Chris Yarnold director Straight-Sarasota worker
Randy Ratliff director Straight-St Pete a director
*Hensley is former police chief for the city of St. Petersburg; Susan Latvala(R) is a county commissioner for Pinellas County. Her husband Jack Latvala is the former chairman of the state Republican Party.

Circuit Court Judge Walt Logan is a member of the Juvenile Welfare Board and also presides over juvenile court in Pinellas County. According to the St. Petersburg Times of May 9, 1997, Judge Logan stated, "There isn't a day that goes by that we don't send someone to Operation PAR at some level". [We assume the Sixth Circuit realizes that Operation PAR may be doing the court a service the way Straight and The Seed did before it, but the more kids that the courts send to Operation PAR, the more money Operation PAR makes. This is called privatization of the Florida state government which is another initiative promoted by Mel Sembler and other members of The Council of 100--the 100 businessmen who run the shadow government for Jeb Bush. They have already convinced Governor Bush to privatize Florida state jobs so that they can bid on the management of these jobs.] In 1979 when drug store mogul Jack Eckerd wanted more GOP candidates elected to the state legislature he hired then head of the state Republican Party Jack Latvala and moved him to Pinellas County. Mel Sembler builds shopping centers for his good friend Jack Eckerd (now deceased). In fact Sembler Company has built 130 drug stores for Eckerd which today is owned by J.C. Penny's (purchased for $ 2.2 billion). Another place Logan and his team sends wayward kids is to Eckerd Wilderness which was started by Jack Eckerd.

Had Ray Bradbury been afforded the opportunity to defend himself, he would have presented this data to Judge Logan, and if Judge Logan had been made aware of these facts would he have recused himself from the caser? If Judge Logan did not recuse himself then perhaps Bradbury, had he been present at the one-sided hearing, would have asked Judge Logan whether the Frank Logan who contributed $50 to the reelection of Sheriff Rice was related to Judge Logan. (Mel Sembler has asked Sheriff Rice (R) to investigate Ray Bradbury for possible criminal conduct.) Perhaps Bradbury would have asked the judge whether he has any ties to Logan NYE, which is owned by Mel Sembler's son Greg. Had Bradbury been present perhaps he would have asked the judge what his relationship to Walter Loebenberg was? And he would have asked the judge whether, to his knowledge, he has ever been involved socially or by business with anyone in the Straight company or with any of the hundreds of companies owned and operated by the Semblers or other officials linked to Straight?