Bob Meehan, Palmer Drug Rehab and ICECAP


  In 1971 Bob Meehan, allegedly a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict, co-founded the Palmer Drug Abuse Program of Houston, Texas to treat teen addicts. PDAP received national attention in 1979 when People's Magazine did a story on Carol Burnett's daughter Carrie Hamilton who was being treated for addiction at Palmer. In 1984 Meehan wrote the book Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: Our Children and Drugs the foreword of which is written by comedian Tim Conway. Today Bob Meehan presides over ICECAP--International Coalition of Enthusiastic Chemical Abuse Programs, an affiliation of treatment programs in Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, North Carolina, and Missouri. Reputedly, Bob Meehan is the self-proclaimed "Father of Drug Intervention." But now there is a web page for former clients from Meehan-styled treatment programs. Startling allegations from the web page sound strangely familiar to Straight-styled synanons. According to the page Meehan also operates a nonprofit, tax-exempt counselor training program under the name Meehan Institute which charges about $4000.00 per person for his 6-8 week course. Please read Emmis on Bob Meehan. Also visit On the Emmis and The Founding of PDAP.