A photo montage of the founder of Straight
  Well Mr. Sembler has finally outdone himself. The Sembler Company has published Mel Sembler's life in pictures. It is at http://sembler.com/newsletters.php. Select "Mel Sembler A Photo Essay". Here you will find a story in pictures of Mel Sembler's story of Himself. Photos of Himself with Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, George Bush, Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. The title of the piece is "A Photo Essay on Family, the Man Behind The Sembler Company, and His Patriotism." Why does Mr. Sembler crow about family when his Straight program did so much to destroy American families? In the center of the montage is that quote he often uses on crowds that starts, "I often wonder what it is that brings one man success in life, and what it is that brings mediocrity or failure to his brother. . ." Mr. Sembler, your Straight program detained many kids who were not drug addicts. They were humiliated and deprived. They were denied an education. They were led to failure.

And then Mr. Sembler has the gall to brag about his 12,000 successful Straight graduates. Many of these graduates have committed suicide. Go here and see that scores of these successful graduates have renounced there graduate status from Straight. Why does this man continue to crow that he is responsible for Straight and for what happened in there. Why has he chosen to let The Sembler Company blow the horn of Straight? Is that good for business. If you want to know how it came to be that Mel Sembler got his picture taken with al these politicians you might want to read this.