Dateline, Tampa, 9-11-03: SAFE PROTEST Today firemen, police officers and just plain ordinary people gathered together at ground zero in NYC and in village greens across America to commemorate the dastardly murder of over 3,000 people at the WTC two years ago. But in Orlando, far from the official mourning party at Lake Eola, another crowd was gathering for Charityforcharities which was using 9/11 as a headliner to raise money for various service charities. The event was sponsored by SAFE, Inc. (the direct descendent of Straight - Orlando). Using a ploy started by the Office of National Drug Control Policy to pump up sagging public interest in the phony War on Drugs by declaring it part of the War on Terror, SAFE was there to promote and raise money for its controversial treatment methods. Karen Castillo from CFN Channel 13, Orlando which frequently showcases news and reporters from The Orlando Sentinel was there to cover the fundraiser when she noticed a group of protesters and was intrigued that someone, anyone, could possibly have a beef with a 9/11 event. The protesters were survivors from Straight and SAFE. She listened to their stories and decided to do an on-the spot interview. For now Channel 13 has decided not to carry the story and says it will probably not. If 13 did the story, it would want to hear from SAFE first to get their side. story in pictures story of reason for protest press release the story of SAFE