An Independent Documentary

The “STRAIGHTKIDS“ independent documentary is the story of Straight, Inc., the one-time leading youth behavioral modification treatment facility in America. For 17 years Straight, Inc. operated youth treatment programs all over America, from Florida to California. An estimated 50,000 American children had their lives changed forever in one way or another after being placed in Straight or KIDS of America programs. This film is about the client’s stories, the executives who administered these facilities and where they all are at the present. The producers and director of this film are dedicated to find the truth behind the treatment model, the allegations of abuse, the saving of young lives and the intentions of the program. We are gathering information and testimonies and encourage our audiences to make a decision based on documented facts and testimony we present. We started working on this project two years ago, but we are still researching and collecting more information for the movie.

This film is set for release in Spring 2005 and we ask for any information from any person involved in the following programs to please e-mail us for more information or to share their experiences: info@straightkids.com