Translations of Carta Article


Kim Morello's husband, who is Italian,  and Sammie Monroe have made separate translations of the Carta articles.  Their rough, unedited translations follow:


OK, this is difficult to translate, but we're getting it.  The gist
of the article is this:  They have a guy like Sembler too.  He's
their equivalent to a Drug Czar named Mauritius Costanzo.  They
say "he's everywhere, like a wild mushroom".  He's stuck in the
same, Just Say No, backwards thinking and they're just wanting to add
more prisons and they're lobbying for "forced treatment".  The author
is against these policies and denounces the policies and policy-
makers at every turn.  It looks like it's a good thing that the
Italians are being made aware that their American Ambassador holds
the same beliefs.  They are calling for reform in the therapeutic
communities and begging them to wake up out of the "13th Century". 
They want him to look back at the results and realize that the old
policies are not working and to embrace new ways of thinking (pretty
smart those Italianos...I'm a little biased being married to one) 
They say that the motives behind NOT wanting to change things guessed it MONEY!!!!  Treatment centers make a lot of money
(Gee, really?) 

So, overall the article is pretty good and supports our point of view
that the "War on Drugs" is bullshit.

I'll still try to have a more literal translation for you on
Friday...we're going sailing all day tomorrow to watch the Tall Ships
come in for the Parade of the Americas...nah nah nah nah nah nah. ;o)



Ok so my Italian sucks but I wanted to translate this word for word. This
way it remains as the author intended.
I will rewrite it with the appropriate grammar and the slang and Old Italian
words translated.
For now you get to read it as written
Peace and Love

In Italia Mr.Sembler si chiama Soggiu.
Sta creando le prime carceri private
In Italy Mr. Sembler is called Soggiu.  It is creating the first prisons
ALSO WE have our Sembler.  Or rather, the Sembler break like mushrooms
everywhere.  Some day does, Mauritius Costanzo thought to throw its
inexhaustible country for it "struggle to the drug" and invited, besides the
usual don Mazzi and to the usual mommy beaten from the usual son
cocainomane, also the new prefect antidroga, Pietro Soggiu.
Susanna Ronconi is occupying itself, for the Group Abele, of to get ahead
the country of adherence to the appeal promoted from the Net of operating
"The freedom is therapeutic", against the business of the prisons deprived
and of the forced therapies. Says: "In The 'war to the drug' of the
government, after the raising of the criminal code and of the prison for the
consumers and the privatization of the.  The prefect antidroga, Pietro
Soggiu, declared that 'there are structures, residenziali and not, that
there are asking actual questo'.  But, parallel of therapeutic community
than they could not look at in no face simply of to replenish the actual
places read, and that after repressive decades of politics have not still
the honesty of to recognize it the fallimento, exists a world of operating
of the public and of the private citizen not profit that affirms with force
the law to the care and to the therapeutic freedom".  I am now about
thirteenth century, the associations and the operating social and doctors,
included very operating of community, that adhered to that appeal "Just say
no!  Dì of no!", promoted from the national Net of operating and citizens. 
In the appeal it is read: "we Say no to the transformation of the community
in total founding for the forced treatments, no to the offers of management
or co-management of new prisons per person tossicodipendenti".  All the
operating are invited to leave from the actual concrete experience and to
remember that "the coazione never produced health, while undermined the
fundamental exercise of right.  The coazione is not acceptable from our
professional deontologia".
"The esternazioni of the Prefect Soggiu give back transparent the interest,
also economical, that are behind to the hypothesis of to involve the
community and the social private citizen in the management of the prisons
and of forced structures per person tossicodipendenti", it is read still,
and that "the resolutions and the executive of the government in subject of
drugs and dipendenze give sap to the penalty of the consumption and put a
new emphasisLike shape of 'coazione to the therapy'.  The binomio
repression-care is at the base of this politics. to carry out prisons serve
it more, and more prisons 'specialized' for tossicodipendenti: not only:
serve new structures residenziali improntate to the contenimento, to the
control, to the holding 'to therapeutic purpose'".
And, in effects, "I am about fifteen the structures prisons that the
government individualized to questo purpose, and for two of is already it I
am discussed the management: Castelfranco Emilia and Legnano. This
management was offer to structures of the social private citizen that
operate in therapeutic field.  How operating of the public and of the social
private citizen, like consumers, like citizens and associations we ask to
all the operating, the cooperative and the associations of not to lend
itself to this dramatic operation of repression".  The adherence they are
readable on the site of Fuoriluogo:
Antiproibizionisti to Bologna they Will Be these, between the other, the
subjects of the days antiproibizioniste bolognesi of 27, 28 and 29 June. 
Between the a lot of initiatives in program, an assembly, 27 morning, from
the title "the perfect enemy" : consumers, urban safety, penalty and social
control.  It is in dance for some time, besides, the idea of to organize an
initiative against the opening, to Castelfranco Emilia, of the first prison
private Italian, givened in management to the community of San Patrignano. 
Of thing it will be treated, it is still soon to say it, but of secure it
will be an attractive surprise. ll program includes then different seminars
and the announcement of the birth of an initiative between social forum for
the creation of a coordination that you are taken care of social, total
founding, also in view of the appointment of the European forum to November
to Florence.  For contacts:

Mr.  & Mrs.  Sembler question of Radley Balko The signor Sembler, the
ambassador of George W. Bush in Italy, and lady.  Two very interesting
characters. He, already owner of chains of shopping center, specially in the
Flourishing one of the brother of Bush, and republican manager being able,
is above all the fondatore, with the wife, of Straight Inc., hit the center
of of "recupero" antidroga denounced, and condemned, for abuses of every
type. until changed name.  SAMANTHA MONROE had twelve years in 1981, when
its parents the iscrissero in the branch of Sarasota, Flourishing, of the
Straight Inc., a riabilitazione center for minor with problems of drug. 
Just adolescent, Samantha had not some problem of drug.  And yet it passed
the successive two years of its life wanting to survive the Straight.  It
was beaten and starving, it the possibility was denied them of to use the
bath for whole days.  It was granted them alone a shower to week, also
during the period mestruale.  Often it came held in isolation for days in
its stanzetta.  Samantha says that, after to to be been raped from a
"nurses", "the state of the Flourishing one paid to compel miscarry me". 
There are hundred of stories on the Straight Inc. like that of Samantha. 
Wes Fager had registered its son in the institute Straight of Springfield,
behind advice of a social assistant of the superior school.  Fager did not
see its son for three months, until the boy succeed to scappare, after to
have developed a serious mental disorder.  Since then, Fager decided to
unmask the Straight.  It collected stories like that of Samantha and of its
son on a situated web.  There are cases of suicide and tempted suicides, you
rape, Indian miscarriages, annoyances, physical violences, cause,
depositions given back in tribunal, and an extensive documentation of the
serious psychological abuses in the institutes Straight in all of the
country.  And yet, the I model Straight of rehabilitation is having luck. 
The tendency, in growth costing, is towards the riabilitazione center you
draft "school of survival" and the fondatori of the Straight Inc., Mel and
Betty Sembler, powerful supporter of the republican Party, earned enormous
flu in the politics against-drug of the united States.  Mel Sembler is at
present the ambassador of the president Bush in Italy, and the Sembler
compaiono in the Advice of almost all the greater national programs
against-drug.  They are friends of old person given some family Bush, and
support the countries to block the initiatives of experimentation of the
therapeutic marijuana in all of the country.  Although the horrors that is
emerged from the story of the Straight, they are proud of their program, and
not if regret of it.  The Straight is born from a program of riabilitazione
called "The seed" [the seed, ndt], based on the method of treatment
"synanon" [a religious religion born in the sixties, ndt].  Started in 1972,
Seed lost the federal funds after that an inquiry of the Congress dimostrò
that the program of recupero it is based on methods of lavaggio of the brain
and tactical of psychological control typical of seven.  A deputy of the
Flourishing one, Bill Young, hard tenne.  It find support in the Semblers
and them convinse to start a like riabilitazione center to St.  Petersburg,
always in Flourishing, that venne called Straight Incorporated.
From Nancy Reagan to Jeb Bush Although the accusations of maltreatments,
presented from the who succeeded to escape, and although the proceeded
pendants, in the successive 15 years the Straight ottenne credit from the
republican circles.  Personality of outstanding, from Nancy Reagan to the
Princess Diana, visited the centers of the Straight, exciting their success,
for how much, second most of the studies, alone 25 percent of the
"customers" Straight has completed the treatment.  The methods Straight,
however, ended quite soon in tribunal.  An university student vinse a cause,
for unjustified holding, in 1983, obtaining 223 thousand dollars of
compensation.  Another cause, in 1990, is cost to the Straight 721 thousand
dollars.  The institutes of the Straight in all of the country, then, began
to close, until the last fallimento, that of Atlanta, in 1993.  A gemmazione
of the Straight, called Kids of North Jersey, was condemned, in another
cause, for 4 millions and means of dollars.  The philosophy Straight,
however, is quite distant from the esaurirsi.  Very filial and a lot of
directors have open clinical news, with the same methods but with different
names, like Kids, Growing Together and Safe.  The governor of the Flordia,
Jeb Bush, went to make visit to the Safe and praised it, although an issuing
television one of Miami had revealed abuses "style Straight" in a question
of 2000.  To make front to the increasing denunciations and to the bad
publicity, during all of the years ninety, the Straight Inc. change name, in
1996, the Drug becoming Free America Foundation.  The Dfaf, today,
prosperous, thanks to 400 thousand federal dollars of subsidies, received in
2000, and other 320 thousand packed across the Small business admistration.
"Nothing of whom to excuse itself" "surprises Me the fact that although them
you it it and the accusations of abuses, the institutes of the Straight
riescano to continue their activity simply change name", Rick said Ross,
expert of seven and social intervention of politics of specialist.  Ross
says that exists an unlucky market for the centers of "riabilitazione", that
themselves take on boys difficult, togliendoli to parents that do not
succeed manage them. to.  More worrying, however, it is the considerable and
continuous political covering of whom enjoy the fondatori of the Straight
Inc.  Bush father even is appeared in an ad of the Dfaf, and has indicating
in the program of the one Semblers of its "one thousand bright points"
[reference to the program of devolution of the welfare, ndt] Presence
costing in the republican circles of the Flourishing one, Mel Semblers venne
named ambassador in Australia in 1989.  Today serves Bush the young one like
ambassador in Italy, and participated in 2000 to the executive advice of the
national Convenzione of the republican party that chose Bush like candidate
president.  Betty Sembler, the wife, co was-president of the electoral
committee of Jeb Bush.  Like reward, the governor of the Flourishing one
declared the 8 August of 2000 "Betty Sembler day".  A recognition, Jeb said
Bush, to its work "to protect the children from the danger of the drugs". 
Betty was in the advice of the to Give, program against-drug I upset to the
students of the elementary schools, unsuccessful width.  The Drug free
America foundation has working with it then governor George W.  Bush in the
programs antidroga of the Texas, and today affirms to have the actual one
"voice" also in the choices against-national drug.  Rick Romley, in fact,
favored some Sembler and public ministry in Arizona, was on the strip of the
candidates to the place of zar antidroga.  Even though Romley does not be
been chosen, Bush has however chosen for a "hard", John Walters.  "We had
not the leadership and the support of the white House, for now", annotated
Betty Sembler after the appointment of Walters.  "It is really crazy that
the Semblers come still praised and honored after everything that is emerged
by the way of their organization", Rick says Ross, that states to be
republican.  The past year a reporter of the reviewed Canadian data
transmission Cannabis News, churches to Betty Sembler in person news on the
stories of horror that had read from the sopravvissuti to Straight.  "They
should be sentenced to the life in prison", answered Betty Sembler: "I Am
proud of everything that we did.  There is not nothing to ask excuse.  The
antiproibizionisti I am those that would have to ask excuse".  Questo is the
thought of the powerful duet of the war to the drug.  They have not remorse
for the lives that destroyed because believe in an approach
"costi-quel-che-costi".Vite to pieces, suicides, miscarriages forced, psyche
fratturate - all necessary victims of the war to the drug.  And nothing for
that ask excuse.
The article is appeared on the site web of Fox News.  Radley Balko,
journalist freelance, manages an actual situated web: www. theagitator. com
with questions and comments on different appearance of the politics and of
the American society.
The warriors against the drugs in America Of Arnold S.  Trebach Professor
Distinguished American University

Washington DC, 6 June 2002

From proud American as I am, I find that Melvin Sembler, our ambassador in
Italy, and its wife, Betty, is for myself I cause of deep embarrassment.  Is
mattering that their expedients on the struggle to the drug and in
particular manner on the treatment towards the patients, they be of
everything been unaware of.  Certainly, it has been better that the Italians
listened to what has to say on the drugs this powerful couple, for then to
follow precisely the opposite politics.  Also the better countries in the
world have their weak point.  One of the worse weak points of the fine mine
country it is our dedizione to the war to the drugs.  One of the worse
appearance of the American war to the drugs it is the support to the
treatment "Toughlove" [literally violent Love, ndt] for the abuses of drugs.
  The treatment Toughlove stresses the hard methods towards the young
tossicodipendenti.  An of the worse organizations that it employs the
violent measures of the Toughlove towards the young it is the Straight, Inc.
  This organization, been born in the seventies, grew until twenty in all
seats the united States.  The essential features of the Straight include,
between the a lot, the following: suspect incarcerazione forced of young
consumers and in abuse of drugs, often later on to the request of parents
irritated.  The Straight is besides accused of: to have detained young in
regime of isolation from the outside world for years either months; to have
reduced the contacts with parents or other next relatives, except
particularly circumstance monitored; to have obliged these prisoners to sit
in a large room for ten, twelve hours and also more, every day obbligandoli
to listen to readings or confessioni of colpevolezza the one of the other
one; to have used theI monitor; to have provided their to the smaller
quantity of food, with the result that a lot of the young prisoners lost
sensitively weight; the possibility of to use the bath based on the
schiribizzi of the moment of the staff of the Toughlove, the that means that
often a lot of the young sat themselves on the their same escrementi; the
use of the physical force to block those who objected to questo.  Around
twenty youngsters I am himself procurati I cut on all of the body or tried
the suicide without that some succeeded yourselves, for how much I know of
it, likely because watched costantemente.  Tragedian, tens of them succeeded
in their intent car-destructive, after to have left the centers.
Numerous civil causes and criminal procedures were conducts towards some
persons of the Straight of a lot of seats in the united States.  You were
tens, also hundred the events told on the card printed and in the television
media care to these horrible abuses aside of the Straight.  I same I wrote a
lot of care to the Straight and one of their prisoners, the young Fred
Collins, in one of my book on the politics pertaining the drugs, "The large
war to the drug" [The great drug war], published in 1987 from the Mac
millian.  Collins testified in a federal court the abuses that he himself
has immediately and compensation of dollars 220mila ottenne in 1983.  Other
young victims received also greater sums winning civil causes, from the
Straight or other organizations to be correlate.  For years I have working
to close the Straight.  I did it like professor and independent writer and
like fondatore of the Drug Policy foundation, that counted 20mila registered
in the united States and in other countries.  So did very other persons, a
lot of which, like Wes Fager, they were parents of prisoners from the
Straight, other, like Richard Bradbury, had "stayed" from the Straight.  For
the first years it was unaware of the existence of Melvin and Betty Sembler.
  All change during a visit to It, in Australia, in 1989, when fui invited
to an international lecture on the drug.  A day during the lecture, i had
been introduced like speaker in the panel that pertained the reforms of the
lecterns on the drugs, with an Australian majority of oratories, but also
expert provenienti from all of the world.  One of the oratories it was
Donald Ian McDonald, main advisor about of the president Reagan.  When it
its shift arrived of to speak, McDonald proruppe in a personal attack in my
comparison: my presence there was a disgrace.  Rimasi of stucco and when
salii i on the podium to speak, said more or except for so: "I Am grateful
for questo I attach: she, dottor McDonald siede to the right flank of the
president Reagan and she advised it on the national and international
politics on the struggle to the drug.  She shows, thanks to questo I attach,
better than how much could have done i, how it is loaded with anger the
heart of the American politics on the drug.  It is however a disgrace that
she is allowed itself so facing tanta people and before the American and its
ambassador wife, sat in the first file".  I had not ever met Mel Sembler,
but I have been indicating, sat near the wife, sat in first line.  The main
speaker of that evening in a hotel to five stars is not other that the
onorabile Melvin Sembler.  When taken the word, was very courteous and
thanked "the dottor McDonald and the signor Trebach" for their presence,
since, said, was interested to listen to all of the point of view on questo
I deduce.  Therefore it a thing said that it shocked me and my wife, Marj
Rosner, and us fece jump on the chair.  It said words that: "conosco a
little one the problem of the politics on the drugs and on the treatments
since a lot of years does, with other eight persons to St.  Petesbourg, in
Flourishing, I have been based on an organization, called Straight, Inc.,
that helped a lot of boys with problems of drug".  Therefore it began to
explain how it worked the program of recupero, facendolo to seem
meraviglioso.  While it continued, i and my wife we did not succeed to
believe our ears.  In front to an international platea of officials and
experts, the American ambassador in Australia was supporting that one of the
worse programs of riabilitazione was instead one of the better, without not
even a sign to all the proceeded loser and to load.
While i and my wife we annotated more enlivened, the other persons to our
table, foreign above all officials, kind wondered us thing had us turban a
lot.  We explained short and a high Dutch officer answered us: "Ah, itself,
conosco the program: the youth hitleriana".  During the following days, some
feci apparitions on the radio and Australian televisions, among which the
Today Show, warning of not to follow the destructive advice of the Sembler
on the politics against the drugs, to the same manner in which hour I warn
the Italians.  Fortunately, the politics on the drugs in Australia are
directed towards a direction more to greet.  In the following years to that
traumatic accident to It, I am happy of to tell be able that the original
organization called Straight, Inc. was obliged to close under the
revelations civil and new causes of downpour.  Questo for how much pertains
the good news.  I have scoperto that the dottor McDonald the director was
been of the search for the Straight before becoming advisor of Reagan to the
white House.  Numerous other new methods they are native on the I model some
Straight, continuing so destructive his practice.  Mel and Betty Sembler
continue to be the greater American leaders of politics on the drugs,
obtaining support not only from doctors in visa like the dottor McDonald,
but also from politicians, among which the family Bush.  The Bush have been
based on numerous new organizations for the riabilitazione, particularly the
Drug-Free America Foundation, Inc., that appears like the direct heir of the
Straight.  The Sembler hold in important fist positions political in the
republican structure of power, I pertain to the politics on the drugs.  The
site web of the republican Committee national, the rnc, the group dominating
in the republican sphere, and the same signor Sembler summarize on other
internet facts very significant: reveal that Sembler is the mind behind to
the large success of a chain of more of fifty shopping centers, official of
the national Committee for the finances and the direction that leaned the
electoral country for Whirlpools Bush President in theThe installation to
president of Bush father in 1989 and an official of the museum on the
holocaust.  But, likely the thing more mattering to the moment is that the
signor Sembler is the greater backer of the republican party: director of
the finances of the rnc.  The site web of the republican Committee national
proudly underlines that "in 1976, Sembler and the wife were based on the
Straight, a new program of riabilitazione from the drug.  In its seventeen
years of existence, the Straight promoted more of 12mila boys all over the
world thanks to its program".  Therefore, the Sembler unite a strong
economical power [that serves to buy the assignments from ambassador] to the
dominating republican departing person and to the ideological engagement
verse some of the worse dogmas ever created in the story of the united
States, my country, that [I ask excuse to those who do not look at noble
questo country with my eyes] i believe to be the large hope of the world. 
It appears still worst the idea than vogliano to export repressive questo
dogma in other countries in the world, like italy.  To those who itself
oppongono to the programs of the Straight, that abuse boys in the name of
the riabilitazione from the drugs, Betty Sembler answered that she and the
husband have not nothing to hide and that those who criticize look for them
legalizzare the drugs.  This is a falsehood and is misleading, because is
necessary separate soppesare the critics.  First, second it personal mine
opinion, the civil need of treatments and humen have to be the first one
what.  The alcohol is legal practical wherever and still there is need of
the same positive treatment of that for the cases of heroin, that instead is
almost wherever illegal.  According to, even if legal everything are given
back the drugs, a position that i lean strong, the necessity of a human
treatment in the programs riabilitativi continould.  In other words, my
engagement, to world level, for the legalizzazione of the drugs, does not
mean to encourage the use of the drugs, neither means that i abstains from
the responsibility of to work for effective methods of riabilitazione.  The
Sembler do not include these concezioni.  How a lot "warriors" against the
drug in the united States, so like in Italy, itself strong oppongono to the
legalizzazione, approving methodsBrutal and uncivilized for riabilitare
consumers and depending from the drugs.  They seem not to understand that
the cruelty and the extreme irrazionalità do part is some lecterns
proibizioniste, is some repressive methods in the treatments on the drugs. 
On the other hand, responsibility of two methods works in the real life.
The dottor Arnold S. Trebach has to the shoulders a long experience in
treatments and politics on the drugs and is estimated and appreciated all
over the world.  It wrote numerous books and articles.  Fondatore and former
president of the Drug policy foundation, did part of the radical Party
transnazionale.  E-mail Situated web www. trebach. com
visited also the site of Wesley Fager www. thestraights. com [translation of
Carlo Dutto]