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St. Petersburg Florida toys with idea to give Sembler control of the sidewalks to silence black protesters and peace dissenters
Straight founder Ambassador Melvin Sembler's scheme to get US taxpayers buy a $113 million mansion in Rome and name it for himself!
United Nations says it is unauthorized to launch an investigation of Ambassador Sembler for "crimes against humanity"
Uhuru protest Sembler supermarket deal in Midtown
Will big Republican donor Robert Lichfield of the controversial WWASPS program succeed Mel Sembler as Ambassador to Italy?
Ambassador Melvin Sembler, AO, SO, NRA, DFPB cited in 776 Even Stupider Things Ever Said
Fidel Castro's Prensa Latina and (Radio Cuba) carries John Gorenfeld's article on Ambassador Sembler's private Abu Ghraibs
Chinagate B: A proposal to salvage some money from the MEL SEMBLER BUILDING scandal
The repression of John Gorenfeld's interview
Sembler's one big chance as a serious diplomat and he fumbles the ball:
Italian troops to withdraw by Wes Fager