An actual Straight confession

Straight kids are encouraged, cajoled, deprived of food and sleep, and sometimes painfully restrained until they produce desired confessions--just as their predecessors were made to do in Chinese Seventh of May Academies (Thought Reform Schools, e.g. political prisons). This is extortion in the criminal sense. Kids are made to reveal information about themselves. Embarrassed they hopefully will not tell their parents about the abuse while their parents continue to pay the Straight bill (e.g. money exchanges hands). Another purpose for the extorted confessions was to discourage kids from later suing. Many kids quickly caught on to FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT or tell them what they want to hear so they'll leave you alone. There is a national security issue concerning these extorted confessions. Many Straight kids have parents who are high level government officials with high security clearances. There is the danger that these confessions could be sold to foreign intelligence agencies intent on getting classified government information from the parents of kids who have signed these confessions--or from the kids themselves should they later get a sensitive government job.

According to Professor Barry Beyerstein of Simon Fraser University who visited Straight and wrote about its methods of brainwashing, there is a danger that a person made to cite a false confession may be led into the behavior he has falsely admitted to doing. It is my belief that the guilt that came from these confessions later led to the high incident (over 40, mostly males) of suicides of former Straight clients.

Straight kids are made to openly confess their sexual secrets in Group. Then they are made to reveal them, signed and in their own handwriting, in MI's (Moral Inventories), Dishonesty Lists, and FOS's (full of shit lists). The following FOS confession was left at Straight - Maryland in 1993 when that Straight closed and just left personal files lying around. (The author of this article received confidential data Straight had gotten from him and his wife through an FOI request to the Maryland State Police.)