Dear Mr. Stelzer
Hudson Institute:

In your article in the daily Standard at:

you wrote, "The ambassador and his staff are Fox News listeners . . ." There is a reason for this. You need to read the expose that FOX News did on Mel and Betty Sembler below:

The Semblers have a lot at stake in what FOX says about them. No doubt they are concerned that FOX may continue to tell the story of their sordid past at Straight, Inc., the juvenile drug treatment program they founded in Florida. Straight was a very destructive cult. Over 40 former clients have committed suicide.

Mel Sembler is Ambassador to Italy because he bought is way in like so many others have as shown below:

Yet Mr. Sembler told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee reviewing his nomination that he was appointed, among other reasons, for his humanitarian work by saving 12,000 kids at Straight.

Right now Ambassador Sembler is being protested in his hometown by blacks who claim he is a racist and by whites who have not forgotten the Great Straight Holocaust he created. (Straight marketed almost exclusively to white kids.)

Like you, I have also publicly criticized Ambassador Sembler, but I don't see him inviting me to Villa Taverna to set the record straight.

Feel free to publish this as a letter to the editor if you like.

Wesley M. Fager,