Mel Sembler's Senate Hearing

Looking through the below transcripts of Mel Sembler's Senate hearing you see that:
  • at  (a) that  Melvin Sembler was introduced by Republican Senator Connie Mack.
  • At (c) Senator Mack praises Melvin and Betty for founding Straight, Inc.
  • At (d) chairman Cranston begins speaking
  • At (e) and (f) Senator Cranston starts stressing the importance of Melvin Sembler's nominated position because the country was 'leaving the Reagan Era' which had predicted a "bright future" for the Pacific region, but that future had just been darkened because of the massacre at Tiananmen Square of Chinese citizens by their own repressive government.
  • At (g) Senator Cranston says there is something "Orwellian about it  all". Ironically Senator Cranston reminded Melvin and Betty that President Bush had just announced that any normalization of relations between the United States and Red China would require a recognition of the rights of individuals and respect for the rights of those who disagree.
  • In fact his last words to Melvin and Betty at (i) was to encourage respect for human rights. How could this coincidence have occurred? A man and his wife who had capitalized on communism perhaps more than anyone in the free world, who were then and there running their own Orwellian program called Straight, Inc. which is no respecter of human rights!