The Governorís Sub-rosa Plot by Dan Forbes. Taking the lead from California, Ohioans have been looking at placing an initiative on the ballot which would let first-time drug offenders caught with small amounts of illegal drugs get rehabilitation in lieu of prison. But free-lance reporter Dan Forbes points out in his report
that Betty Sembler and Calvina Fay have been busy working with Ohio Governor Bob Taft, a Republican, to kill this initiative. We at the Oakton Institute are a bit perplexed by all this. We know that Betty is on the board of Operation Par, a drug treatment program in Florida. Chris Yarnold, the former director for Straight-Sarasota, is also with Operation Par. And in Ohio Kids Helping Kids of Cincinnati, a Straight legacy program, still operates out of the old Straight-Cincinnati facility. Why is Betty so hell bent to deny treatment over incarceration? After all, if people were forced into treatment would not PAR and KHKs stand to benefit? Wackenhut operates private prisons. One Wachenhut facility in Australia has been accused of abuse. Wachenhut is run by ex-FBI agents. FBI? CIA? George H. W. Bush and Mel Sembler? Shopping center construction? Private prison construction? Private prison operation? Correction Corporation of America? Florida Governor Jeb Bush is on the advisory board for the new Straight which now calls itself Drug Free America Foundation and so is W.G. ďBillĒ Bankhead, the "tough love" Secretary for Florida's Department of Juvenile Justice who has awarded several contracts to Ramsay Youth Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: RYOU), formerly Ramsay Health Care, Inc.,  to operate juvenile prisons in Florida. We heard that either Mel or Betty met with the owner of the only private prison in Italy. There is money in locking up your fellowman whether it is in a drug rehab program or in a private prison. We are just confounded by Betty's continuing efforts to stifle forced drug rehabilitation. Actually we've seen enough of that sort of thing to know that forced rehab treatment can be far worse than prison. But then we know that synanons have been used in prisons too. So we're just confused by it all. Anyway, read Mr. Forbe's in-depth article.