Sammie Monroe barred from DFAF. Samantha Monroe is the executive director of the newly founded SAFEYnet--an organization formed to protect the rights of youthful clients in Western rehabilitation programs. What we heard is that one day during the week of September 9, 2002 Ms. Monroe stopped by the Drug Free America Foundation (DFAF) to ask for a copy of their 990 tax returns. DFAF used to be called Straight, Inc.--an organization that under the Straight name treated the nation's youth for drug addiction. Straight, Inc. has been accused of child abuse all over the place. Today DFAF is no longer in the treatment business; rather it's sort of like a think tank for American drug policy. But it is a charity and doesn't pay taxes. The federal government granted DFAF over $300,000 to do whatever it is they do. But almost all money the federal government has was gotten from taxes from businesses and from citizens like Sammie Monroe. So Sammie had stopped by DFAF apparently to learn first-hand of how her tax dollars are being spent. If you are a 501 3(c) tax exempt organization you are required by law to give copies of your tax forms to members of the public upon request (of course you can charge a reasonable amount for the Xeroxing process). Well things got a bit messy with Sammie not getting the requested forms. A police officer was summoned. And now Samantha has been sent a letter from Calvina Fay, the executive director of DFAF, dated September 16, 2002 which declares, "Pursuant to Section 810.08, Florida Statutes, you are hereby notified your license to enter our facilities at the below address is immediately revoked and you are warned that if you enter our facilities again, we will invoke every legal remedy available to us. Please govern yourself accordingly."