Sembler at Northwestern-his alma mater On Jan 15, 2003 Straight cofounder Mel Sembler gave a speech at his alma mater, Northwestern University, where he had this to say about Straight:
When Betty and I saw what a social and personal scourge illegal drugs was becoming in America, we decided to do something about that. Thatís why we founded and directed for many years a treatment program that rehabilitated over 12,000 young drug abusers. Through these activities, Betty and I became friends with the Bush family . . .

When other Straight officers are trying to distance themselves from the holocaust, why does this man persist in bragging about his role? If that's not salty enough, the man responsible for breaking so many young men pulled out that poem he springs on people at such occasions:
I often wonder what it is that brings one man success in life and . . . failure to his brother. . . some men succeed because they cheerfully pay the price . . .and others are unwilling . . . Thatís why so many . . . remain on the beaten paths that are for broken men.

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[Thanks to Ken H. for researching this article.]