Oakton Institute
for Cultic Studies

Oakton, Virginia

August 24, 2003
Wesley Fager

U.S. government endorsement of controversial drug rehabs sparks major protest

OAKTON, VA. Early this morning Wesley Fager, executive director of the Oakton Institute for Cultic Studies and editor of theStraights dot com called for the start of national protests of persons and entities that are or have been involved in the organized treatment abuse of our teenage children in the name of curing them from drug addiction, eating disorders, sexual orientation, or any other calamity that a parent may perceive their child as having succumbed to. Also to be protested are:

  • programs about which substantial charges or allegations of abuse have been made.
  • any program that does not allow a child free (but reasonable [1]) unsupervised access to his own parents.
  • elected officials who accept money from or who aid and abet destructive juvenile rehabilitation programs.
  • government entities or agencies which foster and abet destructive programs.
  • Straight's continuing influence at the US state department.
  • the President's faith based initiative program.
  • certain private enterprises with connections to these programs or their principals

General purpose of protest. The background and overall reasons for a September protest are discussed in the editorial here.

Schedules and specific causes for protests at selected sites. The protests will commence on Thursday September 11, 2003 and end on Friday September 12, 2003. September 11 is not a date of our choosing, but events by the opposition drive this date. Schedules and the cause for protest at each site are given in the enclosure at here or at: www.thestraights.net/pickets/dc-orlando-091103-press-rel-encl1.htm

Protesters are not limited to the Straight survivors crowd. Anyone with an interest in destructive rehabilitation programs, cults, child abuse, failed drug policy or the meritless, faith-based initiative should consider attending the protests and contributing money to a class action suit against the state of Florida (and perhaps others) for its role in the Straight program.

If you can not attend this protest but could attend one in another area, let us know. This protest may be modified and expanded depending upon interest. Check back regularly for updates to the protest schedule.

Interested parties are encouraged and hereby authorized to disseminate this press release to as wide a distribution possible.

Wesley Fager
Exec. Dir., Oakton Institute

1. reasonable--meaning like 7 - 9 on Wednesday night and 1 - 4 on Sundays.