ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 13, 2000-- Drug Free America Foundation is greatly encouraged that Governor George W. Bush has announced his drug policy which recognizes the enormous impact of illegal and dangerous substances on our nation and our world. Drug Free America Foundation is a national non-profit organization specializing in educating Americans about drug policy and controlled substance laws that may lead to more drugs in our communities. A bi-partisan advisory panel was convened earlier this year by Drug Free America Foundation to develop recommendations for a Bush administration.

"Our organization invited nearly two dozen of America's best leaders in the areas of drug prevention, drug treatment, scientific research, drug interdiction and community anti-drug coalitions to participate. Collectively, we developed a list of strategies that we believe will effectively address the challenges of drug use and abuse for the next four years," said Drug Free America Foundation's executive director, Calvina Fay. "What a thrill it was to listen to Governor Bush as he outlined his plan last week."

Bush pledged $2.767 billion in new incentives to combat illegal drug use under his leadership. "Over time, drugs rob men and women and children of their dignity and character," Governor Bush explained. "Illegal drugs are the enemies of innocence and ambition and hope. I will exert presidential leadership to send the clear and consistent message that drug abuse is dangerous and wrong."

"For nearly a decade, the drug issue has been largely ignored," said Fay, "which is why illegal drugs proliferate in our communities today. I commend Governor Bush for not limiting himself to a health or a law enforcement solution to the drug problem. His plan is comprehensive, recognizing the need to assist families, schools, workplaces, drug prevention and drug treatment programs and law enforcement."

"Governor Bush understands that the solution to the drug problem is effective policy coupled with strong Presidential leadership," Fay added. "We are pleased by his willingness to provide both."

Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization based in St. Petersburg, Florida.