Orlando Weekly's story of Jeff Henschel's treatment at SAFE--a second-generation Straight by Jeff Billman dateline Orlando, Fl., 1/16/03 Billman writes, "He was thrown into the 'time-out room,' which he describes as a cold, urine- and bloodstained, concrete-floored closet. 'I sat in there, every day all day, for a week with no dinner.' . . . To get attention, and force SAFE to contact his mother, Jeff began cutting himself with his own fingernails. SAFE didn't treat the cuts, he says, and they became infected." When Jeff's mother Barbara visited SAFE for the weekly Open Meetings on Friday nights, Billman writes, "counselors wrapped Jeff's arms in tube socks to hide the cuts. She was kept physically separated from Jeff, so she couldn't talk to him about his condition. 'If I saw [his wounds], I would have pulled him from the program,' Barbara says." story

Sodomy alleged at Growing Together host home dateline Lakeworth, Florida, June 18, 1997 The victim alleged that one oldcomer held his legs while a second jumped on his back, and a third boy slapped him about the face with is penis. The youth tried to put his cock in the restrained boys mouth but the terrified youngster managed to fend off his assailant. This alleged incident occurred at a Growing Together host home--a third-generation Straight. There have been riots at Growing Together. police report.

Kids Helping Kids of Cincinnati in the News For thirty years juvenile therapeutic communities have waged a successful public advertising campaign by "sharing the gift" and having their young clients tell their "dirty" stories to PTAs and the media. Unfortunately, some of these synanons have caused more harm than good. Lately, the Cincinnati media has been writing a lot about Kids Helping Kids of Cincinnati--a second-generation Straight. Here is my letter to the editor in response to the latest article "Teen drug use declining - or is it?" by Tim Bonfield in The Cincinnati Enquirer on Nov 14, 2004. letter to editor 8th Step on KHK

More grounds for Straight survivors' class action Previously we reported that exposing teens to self mutilation, sunshine deprivation and teen depression, all of which were prevalent at Straight, can lead to later problems in adulthood. We have also reported on an Air Force study that concludes that long periods in captivity can lead to post captivity suicide. Now we regret to report that we have just received an unsolicited email from The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (forum) in which it is stated that veterans who experience Postraumatic Stress Disorder as a result of combat are six times more likely to suffer a heart attack than other vets. Related site: David Baldwin's Trauma Information