Straight's coming out
Previously we reported that Governor Jeb Bush, his wife Columba and his Lieutenant Governor Toni Jennings, along with other prominent Florida Republicans had joined the advisory board of Straight under its new name--Drug Free America Foundation. That report is here. DFAF has now publicly disclosed its members and backers, so we have some new names to add to the list. Historically, Straight targeted the children of affluent white parents for drug treatment (See $95 million charity for white kids) Thus it is not surprising to learn that Darryl Rouson, President of the St. Petersburg Chapter of the NAACP, has joined DFAF's Advisory Board. Susan Latvala, the Pinellas County Commissioner who is so chummy with the Church of Scientology, joined Rouson along with Christy McCampbell, Director of Public Safety, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. (See Advisory DFAF Board. See Never Again on Advisory Board.) Foundation founder Betty Sembler's biography is here.

More surprising than the inclusion of Darryl Rouson is the revelation that Stephanie Haynes of the Drug Prevention Network of the Americas is now a special DFAF advisor. In 1996 Texas Governor George W. Bush appointed Stephanie Haynes to the board of directors of the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA). In 1989 TCADA yanked the license of Kids of El Paso, Miller Newtons's brutal rendition of Straight, and in 1991 Straight-Dallas closed after being advised by TCADA that it was going to revoke Straight's license for reports of child abuse. (See Haynes)