Parents,  state health officials (and other state licensing officials such as fire marshals) and medical professionals associated with Straight legacy programs,  be advised:  

They run very close to really performing psychic murder.
Marge Robertson,  executive director of the Cincinnati Chapter of the ACLU,  speaking of Straight, Inc., from Cincinnati Post
Straight officials have generously allowed me to witness some of their group sessions firsthand . . . I believe that Straight's treatment can be fairly compared with 'brainwashing' in prisoner-of-war camps as documented by Brown (1963, chap. 2)*. Thus, procedures that would be reprehensible in any context outside of a prisoner-of-war camp are considered acceptable 'treatment' in the case of drug addiction.
Dr. Bruce K. Alexander of Simon Fraser University in Peaceful Measures: Canada's Way Out of the 'War on Drugs', p. 75; [*Techniques of Persuasion: From Propaganda to Brainwashing by J. A. C. Brown
In 1992 when a 13 year old youth was locked in a bathroom with his 19 year old oldcomer (as required by Straight - Springfield) the youth says he was sexually assaulted by the man.  The youth sued the host home parents as well as the state health commissioner for granting Straight a license for several years in spite of its reputation for abuse.    

In 1984 in Virginia James Wright sued his own parents as well as another parent who helped kidnap him into Straight - Springfield.

In 1989 when Jennifer Woolston tried to escape from her host home and fell from the second story roof of her host home breaking bones in her arm and foot, dislocating her shoulder and damaging cartilages and/or ligaments to both knees,  she sued KIDS of Salt Lake City (a Straight legacy program).  She sued her host home parents for $1,000,000.  She sued two parents for helping to kidnap her back to KIDS. (Civil 890905886CV)

In 1980 a teenage girl named Meserak jumped from the balcony of her host home in either a suicide attempt to escape the misery or just an attempt to escape Straight - Saint Petersburg.  She broke her back in the fall.  She sued the host home dad.  Straight said that the state should be part of the suit since it gave Straight a license.

Ed Bradley once asked a former Straight parent on 60 Minutes whether he thought it was unusual that Straight would have host parents nail bedroom windows shut and have deadbolt locks on bedroom doors where kids slept,  with entry doors deadbolted from the inside to keep kids from escaping.  The parent said that he had been told that the kid was going to die in a gutter on drugs anyway so what's the difference if he burns up in a fire!

In March 1990 Timothy Nixon took a baseball bat and beat his mother Barbara Nixon to death in her upscale Commerce, Texas home.  In his taped confession he showed no remorse, but used many expletives as he admitted to police how he had beat his mother,  then stuffed her body into the trunk of her car and then cleaned up the mess afterwards.  Timothy Nixon  had been in Straight -  Dallas. [McKinney Courier Gazette 10/2/90.]

Straight legacy parents.  You may have have four or five male teenagers sleeping in just their underpants in a bedroom in your home.  In 1997 in Growing Together, a Straight legacy program in Lakeworth, Florida,  a youth was awaken by his three oldcomers who tried to gang rape him.  Read the police report here.  If a kid were to be sexually abused in your home,  do you think you might be sued?  Think about it.  

Straight legacy parents.  Think about this.  Let's say your child had never gotten  involved in the "druggie" scene.  Would you have ever forbidden your son from having contact with females but allowed him to participate every night in a pajama party (underpants party) with a bunch of teenage boys.  Would you have allowed your son to go to the bathroom to shower or to defecate always with another boy?  Can you tell me one place other than a Straight legacy program where it seems natural that you can not call or see your child at reasonable times,  without a third party.  Would you send your child to a Catholic youth camp for an extended period where it is forbidden that you contact your son or daughter?  One day they they may tell you it is time to pay back to society for they having saved your child.  They will quote the 12th Step,  "Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs."  Listen to Mic Talks.  Listen to the confessions of the kids--sex, drugs, stealing.  Go now on 12th Step tours to PTA meetings and town meetings.  Listen to the kids tell about sex and drugs.  You will not let your child stay for extended periods of time at a religious retreat where you are not allowed talk to them,  yet you hear kids in a drug rehab program tell terrible stories of sex and drugs from their "druggie" past,  and some how it seem reasonable to you to allow your child to stay at some place you do not know,  where you can not call him up.  Do you want to tell us that a kid can be sexually abused anywhere, at a church, at a movie theater, by a police officer,  by anybody but in a Straight drug rehab.  Ask former Straight counselor Arthur Nichol.  He got seven years in prison for sexually abusing a Straight client and his friend--and he's a former judge!

Health professionals associated with Straight legacy programs, insurers of Straight legacy programs, and criminal justice personnel.  The largest claim ever awarded against Straight for abuse is $721,000.  The largest claim for false imprisonment is $220,000.  In 2000 Dr. Newton, Straight's former national clinical director, and his team of associated psychiatrists settled with a client from his Straight legacy KIDS program for $4.5 million.  See www.thestraights.net/news/index.htm#newt45 .  Page http://www.thestraights.net/legal/matrix-civil-criminal.htm lists criminal and civil cases against Straight and Straight legacy programs.

You've heard of cults.   www.freedomofmind.com/groups/straight/straight.asp  is Steve Hassan's web page on Straight.  Hassan is a masters level psychologist and a world renowned cult expert,  the author of at least two books on mind control and cults.  Why does he have a page on Straight?  Why did he make  a public statement that SAFE (a Straight legacy program) fits his model of a mind control cult?  Or visit Rick Ross's web page at www.rickross.com/groups/straightinc.html .   He's another world renowned cult expert.  Why does he carry articles on Straight and Straight legacy programs?  Do you know who Leo J. Ryan was?  He was the Congressman from California who went to Jonestown Guyana to investigate Reverend Jim Jones and was gunned down by members of that cult.  Hours later over 900 people committed suicide.  Why did the journal of the Leo J. Ryan Foundation, a cult awareness organization, publish an article in 2000 about Straight and Straight legacy programs?  Why did the U. S. Senate liken the methods of The Seed (Straight's predecessor) to those of Communist North Korean brainwashing.  Why have Dr. Barry Beyerstein and Dr. Bruce Alexander both published statements that Straight uses Communist brainwashing techniques.  In June 2002 survivors of Straight and Straight legacy programs held a conference on rehab abuse.  Frederick Rice publishes a web page which is an expose on the Church of Scientology's affiliated Narconon drug rehab program.  FACTNET with over 25 million hits is the most visited cult awareness web site in the world.  Why did both of these sites advertise the Straight survivors conference?