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Watchdog for juvenile synanons (more popularly known as juvenile therapeutic communities)
We shall tolerate no treatment program where children can not talk, in private, with their parents.
If David Miscaviage can go to his deposition as Admiral Farragut, then Keith Henson can go as Bozo The Clown.
Wes Fager, 2001
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They [Scientology™] have become a politically fascist organization.
former Clearwater, Florida Mayor Gabe Cazares
The Bush's and the Republican Party's strange obsession with and priviteer businessmen, medical doctors, newage cultists and their $$$
HEADLINE News To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. Abraham Lincoln
Scientology™ special agent comes in from the cold story
Gary Weber's public apology to former Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares

Straight and them Republicans
  About now you might be wondering, "Oh, yeah, well if Straight is a cult then why was Nancy Reagan such a big Straight promoter that she visited Straight - St. Pete even though she knew that Straight - Atlanta was being sued by the ACLU for human rights violations? Why did Bush I make a TV commercial for Straight?  Why did Bush II make Straight's founder the ambassador to Italy?  Why is Bush II's brother, Governor Jeb Bush, along with his wife Columba and his drug czar James McDonough on the advisory board for Straight (now calling itself Drug Free America Foundation [DFAF is no longer in the treatment business])? Why did one White House drug czar become a paid Straight consultant,  and how did Straight's national medical researcher director become the drug czar? Read now Straight and them Republicans

new 4-9-04 Bill Frist and The Doctors' Ad in Wednesday's Washington Post 4-9-04 article

Margaret Thaler Singer dead. Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D., author, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley died on November 23, 2003. She was 82. Dr. Singer was a world renowned expert on cults and brainwashing. She was twice nominated for a Nobel Prize for her work in schizophrenia. Editor Wes Fager spoke with her on several occasions about the Straight cult. In 1986 she was used by authorities from the state of Ohio as an expert witness in its successful move to close Straight - Cincinnati. She was on the advisory board of the American Family Foundation, one of world's leading cult awareness organizations. She was a great lady and will be sorely missed.

Hare Krishna files for Chapter 11 The Hare Krishna has filed for Chapter 11 protection stemming from a $400 million child abuse lawsuit brought against it by former students who attended Krishna boarding schools in the 1970s and 1980s. In a related story last December 29 a confidential meeting was held between former Straight survivors and an unnamed law firm in the Pinellas Park Public Auditorium to take statements about their abuse at Straight. story related story1 related story2 related story3

Who really got Nancy Reagan involved in Straight? story

Where did L. Ron Hubbard get his idea to use lie detectors in church confessionals? link

Clearwater Sun on Scientologystory

Psychiatrist says life events can contribute to insanity story

103,412 Federal Jobs In Privitization Study George Bush's pupeteers have directed him to privitize the federal government so that they can bid on government jobs. No they do not want a government job; they want their management companies to manage those jobs. Congress told him to prove he can save money so he's had his minions spending millions verify him. GAO has just released a report studying at least 103,412 federal jobs up for grab. story

Bush croonies to get Iraq money DFAF got a government grant, not to set up drug free workplace environments, but to be a consultant to advise other companies on how to set up a drug free workplace environment. Now other Bush croonies have formed a corporation, not to rebuild Iraq, but to be a consultant for other American companies to rebuild Iraq. story

Salon Magazine features story on the Moonies Ever hear of a church where the guru encourages his followers to "cherish and punish your 'love organ' (with pliers if necessary)"; or where teenagers in a youth group are instructed to spit in a cup, exchange it with another student and then drink it! If not you'd better read John Gorenfeld's account of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church in Salon magazine. The Bush's have their hands in Moon's pockets, but Bush the father says of the Moonies, "this group is about strengthening the family and that's what President and Mrs. Bush are deeply focused on." Recall what he said about Straight? story Wes Fager's letter to the editor at Salon related article on Betty Sembler

Jeb Bush promises to extend medical malpractice caps to Floridians. George Bush is something. There is a hospital in Florida that cut off a man's leg--the wrong one. So they had to go back and cut off the correct one--now he has no legs! A medical facility in Michigan read the wrong Xrays and told a woman she had to have both breasts removed. After they cut them off they discovered the error. Now she has no breasts. A girl a Duke was given a donor organ but nobody, anywhere bothered to check to see if it matched her body. She died. These weren't malicious acts; they were grave mistakes. But the doctor in Virginia who intentionally injected her patients with their own feces, now that is evil. Just like the numerous doctors who drug women and then have sex with them. Pound for pound the medical profession makes enormous salaries and law suits cut into their salaries. So they went to George Bush as a group and contributed money to get him elected if in return he would put a ceiling cap of $250,000 on all medical malpractice suits. Bush took the money. During his state of the Union message this year he stated that, "Because SOME medical malpractice suits are frivioulous, we must place a cap on ALL medical malpractice suits." As L. Ron Hubbard would say that is a "non sequitor" and completely stupid. The whole Bush family is a stage of marionettes, patsies for big businessmen and priviteers, medical doctors and newage cultist. What will they leave for the rest of us as Jeb Bush adopts his brothers $250,000 medical malpractice ceiling cap for Floridians. story

Religiosity as social policy by Robyn E. Blumner There was this church in Texas that ran Jesus-based rehabilitation programs for teenagers but lost its license because state health officials accsued the program of abusing children. So church officials complained to then Governor George Bush. No problem said the governor. We'll just inact legislation saying that church-run social programs will be exempt from state scrutiny. And I'll do one better than that he said. When the businessmen who run this nation make me President, I'll make my faith-based initiative the law of the land and I will use federal tax dollars to reimburse established churches, abusive churches and newage cults to do what ever it is they do. SP Times story

The Bush's have done as much as anyone to popularize the Moonies and other controversial religious sects in return for money just as they have helped make Sembler-based synanons fashionable. Above the Europeans are directing some mooning of their own on George W. story
George W. Bush is like Buzz Lightyear of Space Command who thinks he's a real space cadet. I agree with Paul Begala, co-host of Crossfire, when he said of George W. Bush, "He's one of those guys who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple."
Wes Fager, ed

When I first saw a copy of Fortunate Son in our local Crown Bookstore I made a mental note to get it one day. Then I heard on the radio that J. H. Hatfield, the book's author, had been involved in a murder plot. I immediately knew the book must be explosive and made a bee line for Crown. Too late! The owner had already sent all copies back to the publisher. I ran to my car and made it across town to Borders. A clerk told me they had taken all copies off the shelf but he could get me one from the back room, which he did. I bought it.

The Republican Regents have too much money tied up in the Bush name to let the likes of J. H. Hatfield pop the bubble. St. Martin's Press is not publishing Fortuane Son anymore. J. H. Hatfield is dead. But Sander Hicks of Soft Skull Press is publishing a softback version. That's a story all by itself. ed story order

They went after Bill Clinton for all the wrong reasons. The high crime charge should have been treason! ed review/order



The State of the Union: Scientologists, Moonies, Doctors and Iraq

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Scientology finally pays Wollersheim Scientology™ pays former parishioner Lawrence Wollersheim $8,674,643 for abuses he sustained at that church. story Court orders Scientology™ to pay him another $500,000 for engaging in a SLAPP suit against him. story

Jeb Bush joins Straight's Advisory Board

Florida state Republicans at Scientology™'s naval headquarters in Clearwater story

Toni Jennings to be First Lt Gov in Florida History Ms. Jennings is on Straight's advisory board under its new name DFAF, and Richard Bradbury is so upset he sent letters to the editor at the The Saint Petersburg Times and theStraights dot com. Well Richard, The Times hasn't seemed too interested in the Straight saga ever since Paul Tash announced that Sembler had granted The Times exclusive rights to sell its papers at Sembler - built malls. But we'll carry your comments. See letter to editor

Halliburton Faces More Scrutiny Soldier's work for peanuts while Halliburton feeds them for $2.7 billion. Now Pentagon auditors have found faulty estimates from Halliburton. (Mel Sembler's friend Dick Cheney was formerly VP of Halliburton.) story

Straight's former secretary being considered for Florida's Top GOP

Ida Camburn: Read one woman's courageous expose of Scientology™

Dark Side of Rev. Moon: Hooking George Bush by Robert Parry

Dark Side of Rev. Moon: Buying the Right By Robert Parry

Why is TV news ignoring the relationship between Moon and the Bush family? by Carla Binion, Online Journal

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The State of the Union: Scientologists, Moonies, Doctors and Iraq

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Freedom of Mind on Straight

Is she cheating on you? Safe alternative to the e-Meter. article

Faith-based child abuse story

Wellspring is that place you go to recover from an abusive rehab cult. Victims of theStraights have been helped there. Well Wellspring almost had the well run dry defending itself in a suit represented by the Queen of FOX News, Scientologist™ and attorney Greta Van Susteren story

Betty Sembler Day in Florida, August 8, 2000 by proclamation of Gov. Jeb Bush

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