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Straight, Inc.: rehabilitation, thought reform, $95 million and the destruction of young spirits.
We shall tolerate no treatment program where children can not talk, in private, with their parents.
To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. Abraham Lincoln
They run very close to really performing psychic murder.
Marge Robertson, ACLU

de Sade
Article by John Gorenfeld (r) about Mel Sembler (l). See Gorenfeld's blog for updates.

Montel brings down an ambassador
Within hours after the Montel Williams Show aired a segment on Jan 18, 2005 about Straight with Straight survivor Sammie Monroe, Ambassador Mel Sembler called it quits. video trailer story
WATCH WPCO Cincinnati VIDEO on
Kids Helping Kids.
11-14-05 State criminal authorities closed Straight - Cincinnati in the 1980s. Now Kids Helping Kids (founded by Straight's former national education director) operates out of the old Stright facility in Milford.
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These days, if you want to learn of the abuses of Straight don't turn to Mel Sembler's hometown newspaper The St. Petersburg Times or its Florida Trend magazine--you have to go to the Washington Post or the Italian paper peace reporter; or to a magazine like New Times in Broward County/Palm Beach County, Fl., Orlando Weekly, La Carta in Italy or EXPRESSEN.SE in The Netherlands (we think). Even Bill O'Reilly has problems with The Times.

Letters to the editor
update 11/29/05

Suicides. What do these three young men have in common. They are among the 40+ known former Straight clients who have committed suicide. suicides
suicide attempts

Mel Sembler and the Great Fairfax County Virginia juvenile suicide epidemic report

Miller Newton
Betty Sembler touts accussed child abuser

Rev. Dr. Miller Newton: Straight's former national clinical director

Photo is Miller Newton entering Tampa's federal courthouse on April 29, 2005. He has acknowledged fraud in his bankruptcy filing.
Dr. Newton settled in New Jersey with clients at KIDS for $11 million for abuse. He settled with federal prosecutors for $45K in return for not being prosecuted for 254 counts of insurance fraud.
New Jersey Law Journal labels his implementation of Straight quackery.
Father Cassian is what he goes by these days. He is featured on Pokrov which tracks abusive priests. Also a special hearing master has told him to remove the cupola from his beach property in Madeira Beach, Fl.
Read the incredible Miller Newton story now.
Latest on Miller Newton.
Nancy Reagan recommends Miller Newton on film.
Betty Sembler has Dr. Newton on her medical forum. In Sept. 2005 in a court deposition for PumpGate she stated [Dr. Newton is] "an outstanding individual . . . [and] a very close and dear friend and a valued one."

. .

If you believe that, I've got some swampland in Florida I'd like to sell you
The Sembler clan & the Great Cooper's Point Land Scam
by Wesley Fager

Cooper's Point deal is rotten
St. Pete Times
Judge George Greer, who pulled the plug on Terri Schiavo, voted for Sembler.

Should Mel and Betty Sembler be imprisoned for what they let happen at Straight?


Should they set national and international drug policy based on what they learned at Straight? STORY
Suffering Together
by Trevor Aaronson
Read Trevor Aaronson's expose of Growing Together -- a second-generation Straight in Lakeworth, Fl.


--Judge: Girl's treatment smacks of abuse
--Fornits' LIFE/GT discussion forum
--The Naked Crusader police report

--LIFE, Inc.: Ross & Peterman


Read the book

A Clockwork Straight

by Wes Fager
From Arizona Republic

What this site is about and who is behind it

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Coming 2006
Tough Love America [2] by Maia Szalavitz, a book on Straight and other tough love programs
Marijuana, a John Halowach film documentary on national drug policy interviews Wes Fager. trailer windows media QuickTime MPEG-1
Straight Kids, a documentary feature film. view trailer

Synanon Church
where therapeutic communities started

Who are they?
Straight officials.
Has Straight really closed?
Why Straight is a cult
SAFE video
a 2nd generation Straight
Straight Foundation (DFAF)
a shell corporation to protect Mel Sembler and the money. Renamed (with new, non-treatment mission) in 1995 to its current name--Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.
DFAF: national drug policy
Mel's plan for drug testing teens in order to get a driver's license, or DFAF's growing influence on national drug policy. link2 link3
DFAF: internat'l drug policy
DFAF is a major player behind Drug Prevention Network of the Americas and Global Drug Prevention Network for global demand reduction. link2

Sembler using SLAPP suits?
Incorporated Apr. 22, 1976
ISAC's Insurance fraud report

. .

Was Mel's daddy a bookie? From 1976 to 1993 Mel and Betty Sembler operated one of the most destructive juvenile drug rehabilitation programs the world has ever seen. Over 50 former clients from their Straight and related programs are known to have committed suicide. We've taken an in-depth look at Straight's board of directors starting with Ambassador Mel Sembler, AO. Was his daddy really a bookie? report

Scientology™ Illustrated
Straight, Inc. Survivors
Straight, Inc. Alumni
We've been there
The Teen Help Industry
Health fraud Discussion
The Seed

Pathway Family Center
Kids of N. Jersey/Bergen
Kids of El Paso
LIFE / Growing Together
KHK & PU Cincy/Hebron
DPNA/GDPN chat room
direstraigths e-mail signup
Fornits on Elan
CEDU/Amity School
Court TV forum
Joe's Apartment

. .

We'll have Clearwater Beach, Scientology™ City and Countryside.
Pinellas County, Florida Commissioner Susan Latvala (R).
Hubby Jack is the former director of the Florida Republican Party.
Radio Air America
heard in 84 states
Mel Sembler:
the Democrat's secret weapon
Listen to 12-03-05 interview with John Gorenfeld revealing "the sordid sadistic history of Bush crony Melvin Sembler, aka Ambassador de Sade." AUDIO
contact co-hosts attorneys Bob & Pap

11-26-05 Lawyer Exposed 'Bush Boys' Corruption -- Now Faces Jail Fintan Dunne's interview with Florida attorney Mark Adams on Break for News audio high speed audio dial up discussion

11-28-05 Sembler and Straight came up again last night on Radio Inside Scoop blog

update: 11-28-05 Jeb Bush ends 30 years of separation of the judicial from the executive branch by Wes Fager blog

update: 11-28-05 Jeb Bush selects Pinellas judges: merit or Republican politics? by Wes Fager blog

Parent Advocates' site on Judicial Corruption LINK

11-28-05 Jeb Bush's judicial appointments to date link

11-28-05 Jeb Bush's pending appointments of judges link

11-27-05 Judges Bill Overton and Amy Williams, Bernie McCabe and Anne Borghetti's DUI: the ole' Royal Court's double standard If you want to know about double standards in a court system, read about Judge Williams' former campaign manager's DUI. 6th Circuit

11-28-05 Florida Bar to Investigate Complaints of Improper Questioning of Judicial Applicants link

11-28-05 People for the American Way: Ordering the Courts--Right Wing Attacks on Judicial Independence in Florida in 2000 link

11-28-05 We are not alone We just discovered there are others tracking the political scene in the Sunshine State:

Florida Politics Blog
Florida Politics Web
Florida Politics Discussion
Saint Petersblog

11-28-05 TBRNews: The Corruption Corner Bill Frist, Tom DeLay, Rick Santorum, Grover Norquist, David Safavian, Jack Abramoff and the K Street project--articles by John Byrne and by Matthew Continetti. link

11-28-05 Judge Greer and the Schiavo justices link

11-26-05 British historian to face charges in Austria for denying the Holocaust link

11-26-05 Adult TV cartoon South Park explains the core beliefs of Scientology™ South Park is a cartoon, but this message is right on the money. If you don't know what Scientologists believe, just listen. turn audio on

11-28-05 In Fla., it's Jeb's judiciary by Martin Dyckman, SPT spt

11-26-05 Tom Crusie Kills Oprah using his super Scientology™ powers turn audio on

11-24-05 Letters to the editor I attend J.E.B. Stuart High School and until recently I was not a fan of Riddile. This past year however my views have changed slightly upon actually talking to the guy . . . letters

11-25-05 Sixth Circuit's Charles W. Cope link

11-25-05 Chief Judge Scheaffer addresses the Tiger Bay Club link

11-22-05 Behavior Modification Money Trail, The New Standard by Michelle Chen. This is a significant article. Twelve years ago Straight, Inc. was the biggest, most controversial teen rehab chain in the world. But ever since it was closed, WWASPS has taken on that dubious distinction. Now an independent paper has started looking at the money trail, the Republican Party and the similarities in these two treatment programs and the men behind them. Mel Sembler may have met with mixed success in being remembered in stone, but his grandchildren will surely read about him in print. link

11-26-05 Humiliation remembered project nospank

11-24-05 Sembler wants to build a Walgreens in Safety Harbor, Fl. but that old transportation harbinger surfaces once again story

11-24-05 Another Sembler proposed $100,000 million open air shopping mall--this one in Henry County Georgia link

11-24-05 Sembler Companies in Georgia link

11-24-05 Sembler CEO says that a few $500 contributions is not buying a Florida election--but two were from their Georgia Corporation(s) Earlier this month Sembler CEO Craig Sher defended $500 contributions to local elections from Sembler Companies and family members as not being influential. When we found that a couple of $500 gifts were actually 46 donations and these were only the tip of an iceberg we strongly disagreed in this report tampaindymedia version (blog version). Now we've noticed that two of the gifts were from Sembler Georgia companies. On June 29 SEMBLER ATLANTA DE VI, LLC and SEMBLER ATLANTA, INC. each gave $500 to Charlie Crist's campaign for governor.

11-24-05 Sembler projects under development link

11-24-05 Gay night life being squeezed in Atlanta link

11-24-05 Semblers brought up in discussion forum after 13 year old boy killed during restraint in a state sponsored therapeutic community in Georgia link

11-23-05 At Some Youth ‘Treatment’ Facilities, ‘Tough Love’ Takes Brutal Forms, The New Standard by Michelle Chen story

11-22-05 What killed Jesus Christ? an article on Senator Durbin, Ambassador Sembler and torture by Wes Fager link

11-23-05 Drug Free America Foundation Endorses House 'Medical' Marijuana Bill US newswire

11-23-05 Radley Balko read Ambassador de Sade and had a few choice words for Mel link

11-23-05 These Senators had buildings named for themselves at the appropriations conference they oversaw, but a savvy House laughed them down Matt Drudge


Update: 11-25-05 Gorenfeld/Levine's works on Ambassador Sembler, AO making the Internet circuit Follow the links: Fold, Spindle, Mutilate, Au Lait World Press News, Susan Ohanian Outrages, blogrunner, Project No Spank, ReBelle Nation, Tampa Indymedia Center, Seeing the forest, The Jerry Monaco Politics Archive, Live Journal, Corporate Performance Artists, Nashvilles News, The Rip Post, Stop the Drug War, Let's roll, Orkut media, Jesus' general, Canon Fire, UK: Side Show, Hartmann Watch Watch, HaloScan, Libertarian Enterprise, Left Thought, Our Media, Democratice Underground, Daily Kos, the Treatment Directory, alt.religion.scientology, US MJ Party, Political Hotwire, Idaho Good Politics Radio, GOTV, MajorityReportRadio DeronBauman

11-22-05 Ex-DeLay aide pleads guilty to bribery charge link

11-21-05 Ambassador Sembler comes to the rescue of Vice President for Torture The Chicago Tribune and the AP report that former ambassador to Italy M. Floyd "Buddy" Sembler, AO is among top GOPs who have pledged to raise $250,000 each for the legal defense fund of Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. con't

11-17-05 William Earnshaw of ISAC fires a broadside at Straight's former national director Mel Riddile in today's Washington Post (p. VA 10). WP contact reporter Jay Mathews

11-17-05 Earnshaw (ISAC) plugs Straight story in Post last year too WP

11-17-05 News Is Busting Out All Over Former Straightling, now artist, Elizabeth Huey Journal Review

update 11-16-05 Straight, Dr. DuPont and starving kids with peanut butter Many readers know that Straight starved kids by giving them peanut butter choker sandwiches. But less known is that they sent their hired gun former Drug Czar Dr. Robert DuPont (the man who administered the contract to The Seed) around the country to declare in court proceedings that peanut butter was a staple in his own diet! This is a must read. blog

11-03-05 Father Cassian's Nov. 1, 2005 hearing postponed until Nov. 8 at 0900

11-17-05 Radley Balko saw the Kids video and he's concerned link

DFAF Advisory Board member and Chairman of the Board of Operation PAR (Betty Sembler's latest drug rehab) models for Scientology™ Last year Pinellas County Commissioner (Republican) Susan Latvala (whose husband Jack is the former director of the Florida state Republican Party) said, We'll have Clearwater Beach, Scientology City and Countryside." (SPT 7-18-04) Next day she sported a hot pink party dress and a feather boa for a Scientology™ charity. SPT 7-19-04 (with photo of Latvala in party dress) ..and Clearwater VIA

11-12-05 Ambassador de Sade, an Alternet story on Mel Sembler. Who will tell the Tribune? tampaindy

11-13-05 Dick's man in Rome Read Jesus' General's comments on Ambassador de Sade by Gorenfeld link

reprint 11-14-05 Sembler receives Tampa Bay Sour Orange Award for buying his ambassadorship the award... the sales' receipts11-15-05 DFAF's Susan Latvala sure is chummy with them clams link1 link2 link3 link4

11-15-05 DFAF Advisory Board member Daryl Rousson receives TRIBUTE TO AFRICAN AMERICAN ACHIEVEMENT — COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD from Ebony Awakening (a Scientology group™) link

11-15-05 Republicans lending respectability to the Church of Scientologylink

11-08-05 The Bushes knew of Straight's abuses but continued to take Sembler's money and to praise him story

11-04-05 Warning!!! Don't drive while intoxicated. The story of Jacqueline, a truly tragic tale X Winos on Motrocycles

updated 11-13-05 The Conspiracy Theory: Was Straight some sort of Richard Nixon, CIA-NIH mind-control experiment gone awry?

10-26-05 The Italian Connection: What does Ambassador Sembler, AO know about the CIA leak? link1 link2

11-09-05 The Niger Uranium Deception and the "Plame Affair" by Gary Leupp. Ambassador Sembler's name continues to pop up.link

11-09-05 Straight, Inc. abused Karen Norton. Now it appears they defrauded her of hundreds of thousands of dollars as well. story

reprint 11-16-05 Florida's Supreme Court strikes down statue of limitations, allows abuse law suit 20 years later link

Straight no longer treats kids for addictions and is a federally-funded, tax exempt organization called Drug Free America Foundation
There remain many active 2nd-geneation Straights. flowchart abuse at SAFE abuse at Growing Together

reprint 11-16-05 RICO and institutional child abuse link

11-13-05 Sembler's neighbor to handle legislation for gambling despite a gambling junket paid by the industry Florida Senate President Tom Lee said Wednesday he will let [Mel Sembler's neighbor] Sen. Dennis Jones, (R-Treasure Island), who was the beneficiary of a $48,000 gambling industry junket to Canada, handle legislation that will authorize slot machines in Broward County. [Florida's Lt. Governor Toni Jennings, (R-Orlando) is past president of Florida's Senate and is a member of Straight's Advisory Board (under its latest name--Drug Free America Foundation. H. Lee Moffitt, past speaker of Florida's House of Representatives is another DFAF Advisory Board member.] link

11-09-05 A strange alliance: two Christian churches buddy up with the Church of Scientology™ The Scientology cross is essentially a Christian cross with an X through it, prompting many church critics to suggest that Hubbard is crossing out Christianity. link

11-07-05 reprint Excerpt from video deposition of Miller Newton from the Lulu Corter trial video

11-04-05 HEAL reports on Bush's ties to the teen help industry link

Operation PAR: Betty Sembler's latest foray into the drug treatment market PAR

10-30-05 The Sembler's Drug Free America Foundation (formerly Straight, Inc.), America's foremost conservative think tank on drug policy, founded in deceit link

9-21-05 The Florida Holocaust Museum's 2006 Awards Banquest to be protested We have been informed that due to its ties to Straight officials, the museum's annual awards banquest will be protested again in 2006. Read our write-up on why protest the banquet here.

10-1-05 For the first time EVER, a Straight cofounder has been compelled to answer questions about Straight in a court of law. Betty Sembler's first deposition for PumpGate now on-line link

Lawsuits against WWASPS link

What hath Mel and Betty Wrought: the destruction of Shanna, a Texas girl by Shanna story

President Carter says no to Straight High Beam states that according to a report in University Wire, the newspaper for the Uni. of Central Florida, Mel and Betty Sembler once approached President Jimmy Carter for an endorsement of Straight. Carter said no because "the treatment shouldn't be worse than the drug." Sembler used to be a Democrat. Perhaps he turned Republican when Ronald Reagan agreed to endorse what Carter apparently would not. link

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1. Straight, Inc. (1976 - 1993) was a destructive, mind-control cult. Many Straight officials formed their own Straight-like programs as Straights closed. There continues to be other juvenile drug programs that use some parts of the Straight clinical method. This is not to say that any or all of these others programs are abusive or that they are mind-control cults, but we do list them under theStraights to mean that they use some Straight-perfected, therapeutic methods.

2. Title subject to change.

4. Sembler-style TC: a synanon (euphemistically called a therapeutic community) where juvenile clients serve as counselors and role models to aid in their own recovery from addictions.

This web page is offered as a public service and as an educational resource to those interested in learning about the potential dangers of abusive, Straight-based synanons*. The page is the on-line publishing arm of the Oakton Institute for Cultic Studies. [*A synanon is a therapeutic community approach to drug abstinence where one's peers attempt to control one's addiction by shouting indictments at the addict. A Straight-based synanon is a synanon designed for teenagers which was perfected at Straight, Inc. in Saint Petersburg, Florida between 1976 and 1993. ]. This web page was designed and implemented by Wesley M. Fager using Macromedia's Dream Weaver 4 in February 2005. The original page was first published using Microsoft's Front Page in the last week of November 2000. On Dec. 8, 2000 a page counter was added. All rights reserved.

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This Bush Crony Has Blood on His Hands!
The Bush Crony Who Tortured American Teens, Part II
Host attorney Mark Levine interviews author John Gorenfeld and Professor Arnold Trebach on Mel Sembler on Nov 10 & 13, 2005. Web page Nov. 13 broadcast streaming mp3 download blog Nov. 10 broadcast streaming mp3 download blog Nov. 17 re-broadcast of Nov. 13 blog

the Straights
at a glance

a newspaper montage of child abuse
what professionals are saying
US Senate accuses The Seed (Straight's model) of North Korean brainwashing
torture of Sammie Monroe
torture of Marcie Sizemore
torture of Leigh Bright
torture of Bobby
torture of Donald
flow chart of the Straights [1]
Straight founder buys ambassadorships
FOX News on Sembler and Straight
Growing Together & SAFE, 2nd generation Straights
Therapeutic Communities of America and Tough Love .reject Straight
George Bush video
Overview of Straight's abuse
abuses at Straight-Springfield, Va.
Virginia letter to deny license
Republicans and Straight
Republican Drug Czars & Straight
Miller Newton, Straight's former clinical director, pays out $11 million for abusing kids
the Miller Newton story
BettySembler praises Miller Newton
Nancy Reagan pushes Miller Newton's book (video)
Is Mel Sembler using SLAPP suits to kill the story?
Is Sembler's hometown paper in his pockets?
The Semblers set national drug policy
Suicide or Murder: why have over 40 former Straight clients committed suicide
St. Louis Italian Americans call for ouster of Ambassador Sembler
Maia Szalavitz's book on the teen help industry will be released Feb. 16
Amazon's editorial review states HELP AT ANY COST is an "investigative exposé of the brutal conditions in treatment programs for troubled teens, fueled by rigorous reporting and shocking first-person accounts . . .as well as stories of those who didn't survive." HAAC tracks the industry from Synanon, through Straight to WWASP. Orders can be taken on Amazon now. LINK
Professor Trebach's book on drug policy was first to address the horrors of Straight. It is now in second edition LINK


A persistent foul odor
The Clary Report
The St Pete Times called it "foul odor." Sembler's apparent meddling to quash a state move to close Straight.
our story
SPT story

Al Franken interviews Bush's co-propaganda minister
Sean Hannity on radio Air America audio
lee drury de cesare's Korner
had she been my English teacher, I'd be a Pulitzer Prize winner today
update 3/23/05 The Sphinx Crist
What about Red China?
One other puzzling question lingers. Ambassador Sembler has said that he might play a less active role in politics when he returns from Italy. Does this mean he will not seek the ambassadorship to Red China, a post for which he is uniquely qualified, perhaps above all other bidders? story
Synanon Church
where it all started

It all started in California in 1958 at Synanon which declared itself to be a church in the 1970s. Women (like those in the photo) shaved their heads, men were "gamed" into sterilizations, women into having abortions. Wives were auctioned off, sometimes on a weekly basis--thus a woman might have several different husbands in a month. There were mixed, community naked weigh-ins and beatings.

It all came to an end in 1978 when Synanon Imperial Marines tried to assassinate perceived church opponent attorney Paul Morantz by removing the rattlers off a giant rattlesnake and placing it in Mr. Morantz's mailbox.
Morantz was bitten and required 11 vials of anti-snake venom to save his life. Walter Cronkite reported that the attack was "bizarre, even by cult standards." (See photo above and this NBC video clip.)

Professor Richard Ofshe at Berkeley (who co-authored with Dave and Cathy Mitchell a Pulitzer prize wining book on Synanon and was used, along with Margaret Thaler Singer, as an expert witness to close Straight - Cincinnati) once published a paper called "Synanon: the failure that started a tradition." And indeed it had. Church founder Chuck Dederich called his method synanons (or The Game) of letting addicts assist in their own recovery by having brutal, verbal shouting matches.

The treatment industry likes the idea because (among other reasons) payrolls are low because medical doctors are not needed and addicts themselves are unpaid counselors treating themselves as well as other clients!--so almost anyone can open one. However they prefer to call themselves the more euphemistic therapeutic community. But even the Therapeutic Communities of America rejected Straight.

For our write-up on this bizarre church that once sued Time Magazine for $76 million for calling it a Kooky Cult, go here.


Citizens for Judicial Accountability

It should not surprise you to know that in Jackson County, Florida in 1981 there was a movement to have 1984 banned there because Orwell's novel is "pro-communist and contained explicit sexual matter."

what hath Mel & Betty wrought
Saving Grace:
Based on a True Story
Canadian play write Leanne Padmos and Anne-Marie Leigh wrote a play about the 7 1/2 years Ms. Padmos' niece Grace spent in Miller Newton's KIDS of North Jersey. Saving Grace opened fittingly in Dec. 2003 at Pumphouse Theatre in Calgary, Canada. Miller Newton is portrayed as a character named Dr. Mallard (as in quack). The Calgary News & Entertainment Weekly calls the play, "a shocking true story about an abusive teen rehab centre." John Spittal of Canada's CBC Radio One talks about the play here.

Lon Woodbury of Bonners Ferry, Idaho (an education specialist and former director of admissions of CEDU'S Rocky Mountain Academy), Struggling Teens dot com, or Woodbury Reports

Thomas J. Croke (AKA Tom Croke), educational consultant, Family Light, or Bridge to Understanding


what hath Mel & Betty wrought
Resurrection & Redemption:
Overcoming Mental Illness & Regaining Dignity

by Harryet Erlich and Lewis Opler, MD

Rebecca Erlick
was once set back in Miller Newton's KIDS program in New Jersey for eating a cookie! In 1999 Newton and team settled with Ms. Erlick for $4.5 million. Now Harryet Erlich, Rebecca's mother, has teamed up with Rebecca's psychiatrist, Dr. Lewis Opler, to write a book about Rebecca's experience at KIDS.


GOP, cults, destructive rehabs and money
Republican Party
link1 link2
Mel Sembler is former finance chair for the GOP. Betty Sembler is former finance cochair for Jeb Bush. Bush I's TV commercial for Straight.
White House web page
Sign petition 2 recall Jeb Bush Florida's GOP & Scientology™
video on Scientology™
White House for Sale
Bush's 03 $100K Fl. donors
Texans for Public Justice

Bush on physical fitness
Soros or Moon: Which sugar daddy is right for you?
Ambassador Melvin Sembler, AO cited in 776 Even Stupider Things Ever Said link
what hath Mel & Betty wrought

a Straight-based novel
COME CLEAN – THE AMERICAN WAY OF CHILD CONTROL by Terri Paddock. Based on the real-life saga of a family in Straight-Springfield, VA. The book has been described by critics as a cross between One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Catcher in the Rye. Ms. Paddock's agent is negotiating a translation for a possible Hollywood movie. review buy

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Straight survivors met with attorneys 12-29-03

Video wanted. We are looking for a copy of Kathy Fontaine's first Eye on Tampa Bay Show on Straight. Please contact us if you have it.

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We highly recommend Jon Atack's expose on the Church of Scientology™. order

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