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Straight survivors met with attorneys 12-29-03
Video wanted. We are looking for a copy of Kathy Fontaine's first Eye on Tampa Bay Show on Straight. Please contact us if you have it.
American Family Foundation,
one the world's foremost authorities on cults, links to theStraightsDotCom as a resource on controversial 12 step programs.


TSDC Archieved News page 2
To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. Abraham Lincoln

Demonstrators protesting the ties of former Straight officials to the Florida Holocaust Museum, 4/3/04 story, Fornits coverage at link

10-1-05 Cop mistakes marijuana bong for penis pump story

9-23-05 Jurors to see former judge's penis pump The judge has ruled to allow the sex toy belonging to former Oklahoma District Judge Donald Thompson to be shown to jurors. Prosecutors say the former judge masturbated with the pump while conducting trials. Mr. Thompson alleges the toy was just a gag gift given him by a friend. Still undecided is whether a woman whom prosecutors say had sex with the judge will be allowed to testify. story

9-23-05 President Bush speaks to Republican Jewish Coalition link

9-21-05 Sembler wins vote to build a shopping center in Orlando link

9-16-05 Sembler's problems with Baywalk protesters makes New York Times story

9-21-05 Jeb Bush's son arrested for public intoxication Will he go to SAFE? link

Irony in Annual Mel Sembler Australian-American Lecture Recently, Peter Costello, Treasurer of Australia, told America it needs to improve its world image. Ironically, he was speaking at the Annual Mel Sembler Australian-American Lecture. Ironic because the character of Mel Sembler himself part of the problem. story

8-19-05 St. Pete Times' on-line poll asks whether to give Baywalk protesters room to protest story

8-19-05 Sembler Company stymied again by citizens not wanting a shopping center in their neighborhood Once again Sembler Company has become embroiled in a zoning issue. This one is in St. Pete. Has the Sembler name become a liability. Is it time for Sembler to change its name to ACME, Inc? link

8-21-05 Is attorney Mark Adams getting a fair trial in the Sixth Circuit? Battaglia and Sembler mentioned link

8-20-05 Northwestern, Sembler's alma mater, starts annual Betty Sembler Drug Abuse and Addiction Lecture link

8-20-05 The Semblers and Straight noted for charity marketing link

8-19-05 Child abuse in Seminole County, Florida public school story

8-19-05 WWASPS affiliate Ivy Ridge ordered to refund tuition link

8-10-05 August 8: Betty Sembler Day Gov. Jeb Bush declared Aug. 8 Betty Sembler Day in all of Florida--in part for her work at Straight. story

new 3/27/05 Controversial CEDU schools for troubled teens to close citing financial woes link

8-10-05 Sembler runnning afoul of the ACLU--again! First Ambassador Melvin Sembler's charity accepted federal tax money collected from Americans of all races and used it to treat white kids. The ACLU sued his charity for falsely abusing and imprisoning some of those kids. Now Sembler Company is using bicycle barricades to control free speech on public sidewalks and attorney Mark Kamleiter of the ACLU is considering suing. story related: story1 story2

8-4-05 12 Forums asks "So what do we think of Mel Sembler?" as Sembler's reputation grows exponentially outside of the Straight crowd link

8-2-05 The Rigorous Intuition Board host discussion on Mel Sembler link

8-2-05 Peace Corps on Mel Sembler Building link

7-29-05 Sembler using bicycle barricades to control free speech protesters at BayWalk. Will he place them around Fowler's Grove, the Florida Holocaust Museum, The Mel Sembler Building, his office and his home next? video Related story

7-30-05 International News Tracking Log republishes story "Ambassador Mel Sembler: Did He Quash a State Plan to Close Straight?" link

7-27-05 Two Florida attorneys indicted for bankruptcy fraud On May 11, 2005 US Attorney Paul I. Perez, an attorney for the Middle District of Florida (the same district in which Miller and Ruth Anne Newton filled for bankruptcy) announced that he has indicted attorneys Brian J. Almengual and his wife Suzanne C. Warner-Almengual, for bankruptcy fraud. The two attorneys were charged with six counts of bankruptcy fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit bankruptcy fraud. Each charge can carry up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. press release

President Bush introduced at assembly at J.E.B. Stuart High School, Fairfax County, Virginia by principal Dr. Mel Riddile.

Dr. Mel Riddile, Straight's former national executive director, represses right to free speech story

Dr. Mel Riddile, Straight's former national director, protested at awards ceremony story

A $113 million monument to a hero who ain't even there when you need him story

The O'Reilly Factor exposes shoddy reporting by The St. Petersburg Times and theStraights sends letter to Bill O'Reilly telling him this is not the first time the Times has foiled him story

As Montel reruns segment on Straight President Bush nominates LA venture capitalist Ronald Spogli to replace Sembler in Rome link

Massachusetts looks at making it illegal for adults to strike a child link

new 4/9/05 It's no wonder Italians are bewildered. Prison abuse scandals at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay have Europeans wondering if their once-admired ally, the U.S., is O.K. in the head. And now we're leaving the impression that it's O.K. - heroic, even - to treat young Americans like Guantanamo Bay inmates.
anonymous poster on raedinthemiddle referring to John Gorenfeld's article about Straight, the private prison founded and operated by US ambassador to Italy Melvin Sembler and his wife Betty

Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse (CAICA) formed link

Fake penis helps addicts pass drug tests msnbc

Just when we thought we'd heard it all. Doctors providing mobsters with erectile dysfunction drugs in exchange for favors link

Sembler money likely to buy him approval from Jeb Bush to build Florida's largest open air shopping center story

When it comes to her castle, Betty's the boss link

Florida man hires hit man to kill parents for their money and for revenge for placing them in an Paradise Cove, a now closed off-shore WWASPS program Miami Hearld

Riot at WWASPS' Ivy Ridge NYTimes

new 3/25/05 6th Circuit Judge George Greer orders Terri's starvation: Parents of disabled Florida woman granted 3 weeks to appeal ruling link

new 3/24/05 Bradley Martin--A Bush crony's Abu Ghraib: Did it make a boy into a murderer? Some people feel that a study is warranted into the suicides of over 40 former Straight clients to see whether Straight played a role in these deaths. Now John Gorenfeld and Judge Robert Eby of Lebanon County, Pa. are wondering whether Straight played a hand into turning Bradley Martin into a murderer. Writing under the name Johnny Navato, Gorenfeld is starting to tell the stories in the Daily KOS that did not make it to his Orkut article. Kos1 Kos2 Brad Martin

update 3/24/05: 1200 The repression of John Gorenfeld's interview blog

4/5/05 Washington Post on Straight Kids Helping Kids 1983 link

3/2/05 Bill Maher video on White House correspondent Jeff Ganon Win Media DSL 56K Quick Time DSL 56K

3/21/05 Sembler's one chance to make a difference and he fumbles the ball: Italian troops to withdraw by Wes Fager blog

3/19/05 Repression in US Embassy in Rome by Wes Fager blog

new 3/25/05 Who am I? blog

Erin Brockovich-Ellis

3/10/05 The law firm of Masry & Vititoe with Erin Brockovich, and heal-online are investigating, for the purpose of suing, on behalf of those involved in "Fraudulent and Abusive 'Treatment' Centers for Children and Young Adults" in all States childtortureusa [related story below]

3/10/05 WWASP, Straight and the Costa Rican Embassy: Is the fox in the hen house? The link to Child Torture USA above addresses the State Department warning on international rehabilitation programs, but notes that the State Department has softened its stand on these programs. The link states, "We believe this is due to the corruption in the State Department, Justice Department, and the White House." We agree. Mel Sembler is part of the State Department. Read Fox in the Hen House by Wes Fager originally published 5-27-03.

8-3-05 Fuoriregistro, yet another Italian publication, blasts Sembler for Straight and for his monument folly link translation

8-4-05 Fisicamente, an Italian blog, carries Arnold Trebach's Carta article on Mel and Betty Sembler link

8-3-05 Technosis looks at Terri Schiavo, George Greer, Tim Johnson and the Great Cooper's Point Land Scam link

new 3/30/05 Questions continue to mount on WWASPS bid to buy school in Boonesville, Mo. link

new 3/29/05 DFAF'S (Straight's) Calvina Fay speaks to Belgium Parliament against Harm Reduction link

3/12/05 Emancipation Project is working to free children from rehab abuse link

3/12/05 Kids in Captivity is investigating child rehab abuse link

3/13/05 Will big Republican donor Robert Lichfield of the controversial WWASPS program succeed Mel Sembler as Ambassador to Italy? link

3/17/05 WWASPS' Ivy Ridge donates to NY Republicans The Watertown Daily News (2-10-05) reports that Ivy Ridge in Odgensburg, NY, part of the network of the controversial WWASPS juvenile rehabilitation programs, has given more than $40,000 to New York Republicans since it opened in 2001. $31,000 went to the troubled New York State Republican housekeeping account. This is the account used to pay Michelle Stubbs, Libby Pataki's (the governor's wife) housekeeper. As Ambassador Sembler is fond of saying, "You pay a little more, you get a little more." GOP

8-1-05 New blog for anyone who copped out from theStraights link

8-2-05 An attorney defends Brown Schools for deadly restraint but now his own son has died during a restraint at a Brown School dateline

8-2-05 Johnson Blakely Pope Bokor Ruppel & Burns represents Scientology Johnson Blakely is headed by attorney Timothy A. Johnson, Jr. who represented Sembler in the Great Cooper's Point Land Scam. The account is handled by Ed Armstrong who is a partner in Johnson Blakely. In 2000 Armstrong was chairman of the Clearwater Area Chamber of Commerce. story

8-2-05 Fred Wallace Pope of Johnson Blakely Pope Bokor Ruppel & Burns was a principal Scientology attorney in the wrongful death suit of Scientologist Lisa McPherson, including Scientology™'s suit with Bob Minton link1 link2

8-2-05 In praise of Mel Sembler link

3/19/05 Has 6th Circuit Judge George W. Greer broken Florida state law by advertising himself? TEJ TVad

3/17/05 New York state officials investigating Utah-based WWASPS' Ivy Ridge in Odgensburg for alleged physical abuse link

3/17/05 WWASPS' Ivy Ridge donates $5K to the county Sheriff's Department link (pp. 11 - 12)

3/17/05 Mormons seeking to build in Odgensburg, New York link

6/10/05 Sister Soldier, military style boardng schoold for girls in Fort lauderdale shuts down Sister Soldier, a boarding school for girls 8 - 17, closed amidst investigations of physical child abuse by state authorities. Denise Smith, the president of JAM Youth Connections of Fort Lauderdale, the company that operates the school, was arrested in 1991 for forgery and in 1996 for car theft. Prosecutors dismissed both those charges but she pleaded no contest to a 1997 charge of automobile theft. Producers on TV's Larry Elders Show sent one girl to the facility which has bars on the windows. Florida's juvenile court system stopped sending girls there when it learned that the program was charging families as well as the court. JAM also operates the co-ed Elite Leadership Military Academy in Fort Lauderdale. As in Straight JAM parents are required to sign a waiver not to sue JAM if their child is injured in the program. Private boarding schools in Florida are not required to be licensed so anyone can run one. State law merely requires that private schools register with the state and report the number of children enrolled in their programs each year. story1 story2 story3

2/18/05 Six year old Missouri girl gets detention for playing with a bag of dirt. Police say she would have gotten jail if she was 14. Link

Wheeling and Dealing: Mel Sembler's Shopping Centers story

Straight and The US Durbin Torture Amendment story

Terry Brimmer has seen the light story

Panel Finds that Scare Tactics for Violence Prevention are Harmful link

Citizens for Legitimate Government on the BayWalk protest link

Motivational training seminar blamed for killers' behavior story Related story: Bradley Martin granted new sentencing trial. See Bradley Martin

1/26/05 Stockard Channing arrested for DUI Actress Stockard Channing who played the mother in Not My Kid, the movie about Straight that was based on Miller Newton's book of the same title, blew a 0.12 last month. [As an aside, actor and artist George Segal who played the father is the winner of a competition for the design of a Holocaust memorial. Actress Nancy Cartright, who played the role of an old comer named Jean, is the voice of Bart Simpson and is also an avowed Scientologist.] Story

Sembler's friend Berlusconi escapes prison sentence for allegedly bribing judges. But another Berlusconi friend convicted for ties to the Italian mafia. story

Order for Temporary Injunction Against Ray Bradbury. Ray Bradbury has requested this paper post the the Temporary Injunction Against him. Since this is a highly visible court case involving Straight, Inc. we have decided to do it. Here it is: Injunction.

theStraights dot com in Japanese It appears that someone has translated theStraights dot com into Japanese. link

A Church's Lethal Contract by Dr. David S. Touretzky and Peter Alexander. Imagine a church that hooks you up to lie detector before confessional. And one that requires you to sign a "billion" year contract if you join its navy. Now imagine one that requires you to sign a release form before you can receive its "spiritual assistance." It reminds one of the form Straight parents were required to sign agreeing not to sue Straight regardless what happened in there. Lethal Contract

Scientology™/Narconon™ linked to public schools SF Chronicle

JR on Bush
Actor Larry Hagman who played Texas oilman J.R. Ewing in the TV series Dallas told German magazine Tagesspiegel that George Bush is a "sad figure" who is leading the country towards fascism. Hagman said that though J.R. and President Bush both come from the Texas oil industry, Bush is not smart like J.R. "J.R.", Hagman said, "was so smart he always found a way to win without violence ... he ruined his enemies financially or socially." (foto: Larry Hagman as JR Ewing from source

Clamtown, Fl.: Scientologists Expand US and International Operations - The imminent dedication of a multi-million dollar castle in Clearwater, Florida will make this the top Scientology city in the world article by Gabe Cazares (former mayor of Clearwater, Florida)

Rebecca Winke's first-hand look at Betty's "Magic Kingdom" link

The US Embassy Annex Building in Rome has been renamed the "Mel Sembler Building" story

Check out

ISAC on Mel Sembler link

Republican Gov. of Connecticut John G. Rowland pleads guilty of corruption. story

The Oakton Institute nominates Mel Sembler for US Ambassador to Red China story

Straight turns in its license in 1993 link

Senator Connie Mack pays tribute to Mel Sembler link

Scientology: 23 years ago today Air Florida 90 crashed into Washington's 14th St. bridge and slid beneath the icy Potomac. What happened to the pilot's children will shock you. Of the 79 passengers and crew on that Jan. 13, 1982 flight there were only five survivors. Pilot Larry Wheaton perished but he left worker's compensation and an insurance policy to see his two boys, Eli, 2, and Joshua, 8, through their 18th birthday. Larry Wheaton was a Scientologist. Somehow money slated to raise his children wound up with the Church of Scientology™ and with a business run by some Scientologists. This story is a shocker! AP version LA Times version

Did Sembler support Brian Aungst (the Clearwater mayor who befriended the Church of Scientology™) for clerk of 6th Circuit? August 8 is "Betty Sembler Day" in all of Florida by decree of Jeb Bush for her work with the Straight cult. Now Clearwater Mayor Brian Aungst has proclaimed a day to be "Narconon™ Day" in Clamtown. According to an unsubstantiated post Sembler Company sported signs in support of Aungst's recent unsuccessful run for clerk of the 6th Circuit. post

Kids Mistreated in Rehab Programs Mother Jones

Kelebek's East and West, Religion, Politics and Power in the Third World War on Mel Sembler and Straight link

Sembler and Straight in Italian print again link

New discussion forum on Discovery Academy of Provo, Utah here. Discovery Academy's web site is here. Woodbury Reports on the academy here

Parents sue Bethel Boys Academy story John Fountain, director of the Bethel Boys Academy may countersue story Related story: Authorities probe boys home: Lucedale academy subject of previous abuse complaints by Kevin Walters story

ACLU of Florida's brochure for protesters' rights brochure

PumpGate hearing scheduled in January link

Dr. Blass's son released from Straight-descendent Growing Together, Oct 29 link a8th Step on GT A petition to grant Constitutional rights to GT clients. . petition GT endorsed by Republicans US Senator Connie Mack and US Congressman Mark Foley. link Photo of Congressman Foley (R) and Florida State Committee woman Nancy Riley schmoozing with Scientologists photo

US ambassador intervened in Halliburton contract, documents show story

WWASP: Time Magazine backs a troubled tough love program stats

Red ant therapy alleged at Hurricane Conservation Corps boot camp in Florida story

Robert DuPont and David Evans on C-Span today dateline Wash, DC, 11-29-04. DuPont and Evans spoke out on a case before the US Supreme Court to legalize medical marijuana prompting Wes Fager to send a response to the Marijuana Policy Project. Watch David Evans and Bob Kampia on C-Span video Calvina Fay speaks on ABC News 7, Wash DC video clip

Big day today before Florida's royal court for Mark Adams and Ray Bradbury Who's Mark Adams? Just another man who claims he is being steamrolled by Florida's wealth-influenced Sixth Circuit. story

WWASPS' Casa by the Sea raided by Mexican authorities stor

Sue Scheff and Jeff Berryman prevail in Utah court in WWASPS' attempt to silence them press release comments. Dr. Lon Woodbury appears to have sided against Scheff and Berryman. Education specialist Thomas J. Croke barred Ms. Scheff from his bulletin board bridgetounderstanding dot com.

Joel Petershack, a survivor from Robert Lichfield's and Ken Kay's WWASPS Dundee Ranch in Costa Rica stor

Bob Meehan, Palmer Drug Rehab and ICECAP story

It's time to reform the war on drugs by Walter Cronkite story

Straightkids dot com documentary film FADETOBLACKFILMS is preparing a film documentary on Straight, Inc. Please contact them if you have information to share. contact

Hail to the Moon king by John Gorenfeld. Writing for Salon, Gorenfeld breaks the story of the coronation of Reverend Sun Myung Moon in the Senate's Dirksen Office Building. .

More grounds for Straight survivors' class action story

The 8th Step, a new page on Straight. Congratulations to Kathy Barry for an excellent site.

Uhuru protest Ambassador Sembler's House for 2nd time in a month Dateline Treasure Island, Fl., 3-14-04. About 15 members of the Uhuru, (a political group seeking social justice for black Americans) picketed the US residence of Ambassador Melvin Sembler on Treasure Island, Florida on Sunday. They were shouting, "Sembler must go." Last month on the day after Valentine Day a group of Uhuru and those people knowledgeable of the Late Great Straight Holocaust conducted a joint protest at Sembler's home. See photo. Story of the Valentine Day+1 protest
Related articles:
Visions divide black leaders by Marcus Franklin, SP Times, 3-14-04
The growing rift in St. Petersburg, Florida's black community
by Wes Fager, 3-14-04
InPDUM News, the voice of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement
The history of protests on Mel Sembler or his associated activities

Was the Saint Petersburg Times bought off?
The problem with the Times' Paul Tash
The tampa bay independent media center covers the Uhuru protest article2
BayWalk Diversity Weekend and the Ultimate Honor for Mel Sembler dateline St. Petersburg, Fl., Feb. 27, 2004 story
Related articles:
Sembler allies with NAACP to counter Uhuru claims of racism
Who are the Uhuru and what's their beef with Mel Sembler?

Sembler's past catches up with him in Italian story translation

Photo of George Bush with Moonie founder Reverend Sun Myung Moon photo

Florida Holocaust Museum Award Banquet protested for ties to Straight dateline St. Petersburg, Fl, January 17, 2004. The Florida Holocaust Museum was founded by Straight Foundation President Walter Loebenberg. Straight founders Mel and Betty Sembler are (or have been) board members along with former Straight board member Jay Synder. Former Straight board member Dr. Bruce Epstein is the former interim director of the Holocaust Museum. story

Related articles:
The Reason for the Holocaust Museum protest
Florida Holocaust Museum insults Straight survivors
FACTNET for the latest in cult
news. Also see Frederick Rice's page
on Narconon
and Narconon Exposed.

Mel Sembler: Corporate Welfare Daddy blog

Disinfopedia: Sun Myung Moon link

Bradley Martin granted new sentencing trial, Bradbury / Fager may yet get to testify Former Straight-Springfield client Bradley Martin is on death row in Pennsylvania. story

Hare Krishna files for Chapter 11 story

Muscular Diplomacy: How Ambassador Mel Sembler and his staff fight the good fight in Italy by Irwin M. Stelzer, the daily Standard, 03/16/2004 article Wes Fager's letter to Mr. Stelzer at the Hudson Institute

Deepak Chopra, Bush donor Newage guru Deepak Chopra, an Ayurveda/Mind Body Medicine practitioner has pledged to raise $100,000 for George Bush.

US Air Force determines that long stay in abusive captivity can lead to post release suicide Washington Post related article1 related article2 related article3 related article4

The Moon Scandals by John Gorenfeld link

Montel Williams Show rebroadcasting today the show about Straight that brought Mel Sembler down link give your opinion of the show

ISAC publishes massive study on controversial WWASPS teen rehabilitation program link

Report spells out culpability of the United States government for conspiring to allow the Straight Holocaust to occur report

State of California legislature tolls statutes of limitations for those sexually abused by priests story story2

New page on Florida's Republicans & Scientology™ link

Read , an online book about the Late Great Straight Holocaust by theStraights dot com editor, Wesley Fager.

Report spells out Straight's violation of human rights and civil liberties report

Report outlines DFAF's global reach into national and international drug policy report

Read Jon Atack's book A Piece of Blue Sky: Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed

Arizona facing federal lawsuit The federal government is considering suing the state of Arizona over civil rights violations to teenage prisoners after three teens committed suicide under the dismal conditions of juvenile prisons. Link

Where's Bill Oliver (formerly Straight's national director) today? link

Go to Headline News.

What we looked like in June, 2002 link

1. Straight, Inc. (1976 - 1993) was a destructive, mind-control cult. Many Straight officials formed their own Straight-like programs as Straights closed. There continues to be other juvenile drug programs that use some parts of the Straight clinical method. This is not to say that any or all of these others programs are abusive or that they are mind-control cults, but we do list them under theStraights to mean that they use some Straight-perfected, therapeutic methods.